Explore the possibilities of a new career which offers you the best income and advancement potential. Get the facts on 100 Growth Occupations.

Which job to choose has always been a difficult question. But here is help. The new CAREER REPORT SERIES has the information you need to make the best decision for your career search. Major changes have taken place in our economy in the last 10 years and are still in the making .... Choose a job now that has the best opportunities for income potential, growth and advancement for the next century.

This brochure lists over 100 occupations which according to the latest government and private researchers have the very best opportunities for substantial growth during the coming l0 years. Only occupations which have an estimated growth rate of 15% or more were chosen; occupations which have estimated growth in excess of 25% are shown in bold.

Career reports are concise briefings of a given occupation. They vary in length from approximately 4-12 pages. Each report gives you these vital facts you need to have:

  • Job description
  • Environment--working conditions
  • Advancement potential
  • Growth potential of the occupation
  • Latest salary information
  • Training requirements

All information is based on the latest government and industry research.


      OCCUPATION:                           ORDER NUMBER:
Accountants and auditors101
Actors, directors, producers 102
Actuaries 325
Administrative service managers 321
Aerospace engineers 103
Air traffic controllers 104
Aircraft mechanics 106
Aircraft pilots 105
Architects 107
Archivists and curators 160
Automotive body repairers 109
Automotive mechanics 108
Biological Scientists 326
Bus drivers 116
Carpenters 118
Chefs and cooks 164
Chemical engineers 120
Chemists 121
Child care workers 122
Chiropractors 151
Clinical laboratory
technologists and technicians
Commercial and
industrial equipment repairers
Computer operators 127
Computer programmers 126
Computer service technicians 129
Computer system analysts 125
Construction and building inspectors 131
Construction managers 322
Corrections officers 136
Cosmetologists 135
Counselors 167
Dental assistants 153
Designers 140
Dietitians and nutritionists 152
EKG technicians 155
Electrical and electronic engineers 141
Electricians 144
Employment interviewers 169
Engineering, science and
data processing managers
Engineering technicians 145
Financial managers 323
Firefighting occupations 148
Flight attendants 149
Geologists and geophysicists 251
Graphic and fine artists 159
Guards 201
Health service managers 203
Heating, air conditioning,
and refrigeration mechanics
Hotel managers and assistants 206
Industrial engineers207
Industrial machinery repairers 208
Inspectors and compliance officers 253
Jewelers 211
Labor relations specialists 254
Lawyers 212
Legal assistants 213
Management analysts and consultants                       324
Marketing, advertising and
public relations managers
Mathematicians 217
Mechanical engineers 218
Medical assistants 219
Meteorologists 256
Nurses, licensed 225
Nurses, registered 224
Nursing aids and psychiatric aides 226
Occupational therapists 263
Operations research analysts 328
Pharmacists 264
Photoengraving and lithographic workers 229
Photographers and camera operators 227
Photographic process workers 228
Physical therapists 265
Physicians assistants and
Surgeons assistants
Physicists and astronomers 266
Police and detectives 233
Property and real estate managers 268
Printing press operators 232
Psychologists 235
Radio and television
Radiologic technologists 258
Real estate agents and brokers 239
Recreational therapists 241
Reporters and correspondents 238
Restaurant food service managers 269
Science technicians 259
Secretaries 246
Social workers 248
Stock brokers/securities sales workers249
Surgical technicians 250
Teachers aides 304
Teachers, kindergarten and elementary 302
Teachers, secondary 301
Tool programmers 307
Travel agents 306
Truck and diesel mechanics 315
Underwriters 329
Urban and regional planners 316
Veterinarians 311
Water and sewage treatment operators 314
Writers and editors 312

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          10 or more:   $2.50 each
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