You Can Start Your New Publishing Business Right Now!

   That's right! If you can start your copier or take a trip down the road to your nearest copy center, you can start your own publishing business! Best of all, there are no expensive seminars to attend, no high-priced instruction manuals to buy, no outrageous franchise fees to pay. But, you can still have all the advantages of owning a profitable business without having to open an office or hire a single employee. The experts agree, self-publishing can make you a fortune. Publishers, both large and small, have discovered that if you possess the information that people want, you can copy it for pennies and sell it for dollars. It's a proven road to success. But, many people simply don't have the time to research, write, edit, and publish their own materials. They want to get started, but for one reason or another, they can't. Well, now it can be different. The Business Success Series of 25 professionally compiled direct marketing reports can be your key to unlocking the door to your own self-publishing empire. Each of these multi-page manuals is packed with the information that people want and need to read -- and they are willing to pay you to buy them! The high quality information in The Business Success Series is fully upto-date, written and edited by some of the most experienced direct mail professionals in the industry. Each report contains advice, tips, and suggestions for starting and operating a wide range of home businesses. Whatever your readers' needs or interests, they are sure to find a full spectrum of topics they'll want to read. And that can mean big profits for you!

Sell All 25 Profit-Making Reports:
  • Sell Hobby Items By Mail
  • The "Mail Five Letters A Day" Plan
  • How To Sell With Mini-Circulars
  • What Really Sells In Mail Order Magazines
  • Practical Plans For Mail Order Beginners
  • Create Your Own Mail Order Products
  • Selling Recipes By Mail
  • How To Become A Mail Order Dropshipper
  • How To Sell Folios By Mail
  • How To Copyright What You Write
  • How To Start Your Own Mail Order Publication
  • Creating New Ideas In Mail Order
  • How To Begin A Mail Order Business Of Your Own
  • How To Make Money With Information Marketing
  • How To Make Money As A Fashion Reseller
  • Advertising Secrets For Mail Order Selling
  • Seven Secrets Of Book Selling Success
  • How To Make Money As A Mailing List Broker
  • Make Money With Your Own Private Brand Products
  • How To Make Money In The Information Business
  • How To Advertise & Publicize Any Offer
  • How To Make Big Money Selling Remainders & Overstock
  • How To Design & Produce Your Own Ad Circulars
  • How To Make Money With Your Personal Computer
  • Sell Your Own Subscription Newsletter

  • When you purchase The Business Success Series of manuals and reports, you'll receive an original copy of each report, along with the full reprint rights to make unlimited copies of the entire set -- and even to sell those reprint rights to your customers when they purchase the complete set. You also receive complete, camera ready advertising copy to help you market the reports singly or as a complete series.

    Imagine owning your own publishing firm specializing in information marketing and how-to publications. Information that helps them help themselves. These top-selling products are titles that grab the prospect's attention and make him or her order- from you!

    Your profits will soar as you market these high-profit reports from your own home. As the orders roll in, you simply run copies of each report from your master set. You don't even have to own a copy machine to do it. Let your local print shop do the work for you. Copy it, mail it, and bank the money!

    You could receive scores of orders, each containing a check, money order, or cash. And all of it for you! No royalties to pay, no books to stock. All the profit is yours alone.

    The Business Success Series is designed to help you create your own successful publishing operation. Professionally designed for the novice and expert mail order dealer alike.

    Begin your own self-publishing business with The Business Success Series of 25 hot-seling reports. Order the entire set today for the low, low price of just $82.00.

    You'll receive a laser-printed master copy of each report, camera ready advertising circulars, and your personalized Reprint Authorization Certificate... And you're in business. Get started! Order now!

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