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Premium CDR Media

QTY 50/80MIN 32x
Item # R5080MIN32X
QTY 300/80MIN 32x
Item # R5080MIN32X
6 Units

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Suitable for Recording Data, *Audio as well as Video.

(*Not for use in Stand Alone Audio-Only  Recorders)

These CD-R's are grade A, specifically designed for optimum recording performance!

Get the reliability your data deserve
Silver  Non-Branded Write Once Recordable CD Media
These CD-R's provide the perfect option for archiving sensitive data.
Quit wasting valuable space on your hard drive.
Don't get caught losing sensitive data by settling for a higher cost and a lower quantity.

Consumer Audio CDR Media

QTY 100/74MIN
Item # CDR-DA74MIN100
QTY 200/74MIN
Item # CDR-DA74MIN100
2 Units

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These CD-R discs are Digital AUDIO ONLY CD-R discs designed specifically for use in stand alone consumer home audio CD-R recording decks. Ultimate Audio Recording Performance Playable in All Existing CD Audio Players.

These are special media. CDR-DA (CDAudio, or For Music Use Only) special AHRA-encoded media for use in stand alone consumer home audio CD-R recording decks made by  Philips, Pioneer, Marantz, Tascam, and Harman Kardon.

For digital optical recording, our cdr recordable compact discs are engineered for total compatibility among the widest range of recorders, and offer ultimate reliability and durability.

Our discs record digital audio data in the standard compact disc 16-bit, 44.1 kHz format.

Once recorded using a consumer CD recorder, our discs may be played back on all existing CD audio players, including home decks, car stereos and personal CD portables.

If you have a stand-alone consumer audio recorder then these are the CDs you need. Standard CD-R Media will not work.

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