Classified Ads Submission
A Service Of TERMIS

  •  We will submit your ad to several hundred Free CLASSIFIED ADS sites. But when all is said and done, the actual number of sites where your ad will likely land is much greater, because some of the sites are either portals (that is, have many thousands of mirror sites and ONE database) and/or are sites to RE-SUBMIT to several 100s or 1000s of other sites. The ultimate number of places where your ad will be visible is thus impossible to gauge, but could be in the thousands.

  •  Our software permits custom-tailoring of your ad to the requirements of different sites with respect to length. Many other submission services will simply send one ad copy to ALL sites. What they don't tell you is that many sites accept copy only of up to 150 characters in length, while others accept copy of greater size. What this means is that your ad will wind up truncated in many sites because it's too long for them, or it may even be totally rejected by the sites' servers. We're different. Our submission service requires three versions of your ad, of from 150 characters' to 500 characters' length, and our software then automatically sends the version of the correct length to each ad site, with the result that your ad attains the optimum exposure with no errors or omissions. We even give you the option of inputting the keywords that you think people will most likely use to search for ads in whatever category your ad is in.

  •  You will start getting e-mail responses from some (but not all) of the different websites welcoming you and your ad within hours of the ads being submitted. These could really add up, so be prepared for a deluge of e-mail messages. (Sometimes it's better to set up an autoresponder to the e-mail address you provide in the ad. That way you won't be swamped and all the ad websites that e-mail you will get your prepared autoresponse message, and so will the people who respond to your ad. The only bad thing about this setup is that you won't know who or how many real people responded, but you could include a second e-mail address in the autoresponder message so that if people want more information, they could write to that e-mail address, which will be the one that goes directly to you.)

  •  The total price for this one-time service is $25.00.

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