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Direct Marketing
How to enter the mail-order business, select the best items to sell, etc.

Internet Marketing
Learning to master the most powerful marketing medium in history: search engines, email, newsgroups, etc.

Best Careers for the New Millenium
The best choices: your aptitudes - where are they? - how to get them.

Do It Yourself
Legal books for the

Life Changers!
Books to change your life for the better.

Get your life back in order, calm your mind, etc.

Digital cameras from low- to high-end, as well as 35mm film cameras.

CD Media:
CD Media:

Blank CD-R and CD-RW media and accessories for all your recording needs.

Household Goods:
Household Goods
General household, kitchen, bathroom items.
Health and Beauty:
Health and Beauty
Health products.
Coastal and Pawley's Island Hammocks:
Handwoven rope hammocks handcrafted of cool cotton rope or weather resistant polyester rope; timeless symbols of comfort and relaxation.
Security and Crime Prevention:
Fight Crime
Items for your personal safety, and to fight back!

Our visitors' most frequently asked questions.

For business, home, children, entertainment, education, etc.

Mail Order Supplies:
Mailing Lists
Targeted lists of potential clients for your direct marketing efforts. The difference between a good list and a stale one can make or break your business.

Tapes & CDs
For self-improvement, business, nature sounds, etc.

Free Speech Books
A carefully chosen list of books of great interest to the freedom-loving individualist.

Digital services:

Photo Retouching

Digital retouching of images; full restoration of damaged, precious family photos, and digital output from your own files.

Classified Ads Submission Service

We submit your ad to Hundreds of Classified sites using our sophisticated submission software. It provides automatic custom-tailoring of your ad to sites of differing length requirements. This is very important because many ad sites will cut off your ad (truncate it) if it goes beyond their maximum length standards. Other ad submission sites will gladly take your money to submit your ad but will not tell you this.


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  Why?  Because it brings maximum profits, in the least amount of time.

  Consider the following:     
Acquisition Cost
Selling Price

  When selling information, you can keep this ratio very low. In fact, for information it can be the lowest of any product in existence.

  People want and need all kinds of information, but especially about How To Make Money. And if you sell good, high quality materials, you can be sure that people will come back to purchase from you again and again.

  So, what do you do first? Consider the following three alternatives; one is probably right for you:


Study about
business matters


Resell ready-
made information

The whole ball'o wax!

Become a TERMIS

  • If you don't know anything about business matters, you must learn to get your home business started successfully. Read one or more of the following: (titles are links to the appropriate page)
  • How You Can Make A Fortune Selling
    Information By Mail
    by Russ von Hoelscher
    The Complete Manual of Selling
    Information by Mail and
    on the Internet
    by Peter Schruender
    How To Make A Whole Lot More
    Than One Million Dollars Selling
    Information By Mail
    by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
    How To Get Rich In Mail Order by Melvin Powers
    Money Making Marketing by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
    Making Money
    With Classified Ads
    by Melvin Powers
    Stay Home
    And Make Money
    by Russ von Hoelscher
    How To Make A Fortune With
    Classified Ads
    by Robert Drake

    You won't get any better footing than the knowledge you'll acquire from reading these marketing masters' writings.

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  • Start faster by buying ready-made information packages that you can sell and resell as they come with complete, absolute reprint rights. You earn great profits by Publishing and Marketing your own line of "How-To" reports and manuals.

     Normally, you'd have to produce your own product; that is, if you sell books, reports and manuals the answer is to write their own material. But many mail order dealers do not have the expertise or the time to write their own books, manuals or reports. They need these things provided for them while still maintaining that lowest possible purchase cost. Now this problem is solved.

     And you won't ever have any more purchase expenses! There are several packages from which to choose. Go here and take your pick.           
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  • OR

  • Cover all the bases by becoming a TERMIS Distributor. You'll have access to our complete line for reselling, you'll also enjoy huge savings by paying the deeply discounted wholesale price, AND you won't have to stock anything because we drop-ship to your customers. Can it get any easier? And, should you have any problems along the way, you can count on our prompt e-mail help.

  •   So look around our site, ask questions if you need to, but above all, don't put off your chance to make it in this potentially very lucrative business.

      It's easier than you think to succeed!

    "Customers may order by credit card
    (VISA, MasterCard, American
    Express or Discover), or by direct
    withdrawal from their bank account,

    through Make payments With <b></b> - it's fast, free and secure! , a service of "
    youlets users send and receive money by email,
    using an existing credit card or bank account.  It's fast,
    safe, reliable and easy.

    Each item in this website has a BUY NOW button or
    link. By clicking on it, you are sent to the TM site
    where you proceed to place the order by Secure Server.

    Or you may order by mail (by check or money order),
    by clicking on the Order by Mail link on each page.

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    Help Find Missing Children

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    For Animal Welfare

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