All of these are actual questions sent in by visitors to our website, transcribed sic.
We have hidden the actual names:


A: No, we do not. All our content is now online. You can access each of our pages, especially the all-inclusive, and print them out, if you want a hard-copy of our offerings.


Q: Hola, mi nombre es Daniel Ayala y me gustaria que me mandaran informacion acerca de su directorio, en español, ya que estoy interesado en trabajar en casa.

A: Sí, usted puede tener su propio negocio en su casa, pero el problema es que toda los artículos están en inglés. Si usted desea revender nuestros libros y reportes, tiene que saber que los ha de vender a quienes hablen y lean inglés y no español.


Q: can you pse inform me the total cost of catalogue of far east manufacturers as i want one but cannot do it on the internet

A: There are several trade directories of far east manufacturers. There's:


and there is a special offer that includes three of them, along with the WORLD BUYER'S GUIDE TO UNUSUAL AND INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS:


Q: i would like to order the selling information package.. how much is the entire course? secondly, ru making good money in the selling information business?? please respond. mr. x

A: There is no course per se. You simply select to buy the books that are most indicated for learning the topics you desire. Or you become a TERMIS Distributor and thus avail yourself of the opportunity to resell in part or in whole our line of items, at a very good profit margin.

Yes, we are.


This question is about our Photo Restoration services.

Q: I was wondering how much business you get with this web site? Are you bonded or insured? I would be leary of sending my photos by mail etc. What program do you use to put the photos on a CD....would I need the same program to view them? Thank you for your reply.

A: We get plenty.

The fact of our being bonded or insured doesn't make your original pictures any safer. We are extremely careful with our customers' belongings and with our own reputation and have yet to damage, lose or otherwise ruin anyone's precious photos. But more than that I cannot say to allay your fears. You have to decide whether to send in a photo or not.

But you really have nothing to worry about. If your photos are super valuable to you, Registered Mail from the USPS is the safest way of sending anything (they send items separated from the rest, under lock and key at all times, and it is scanned and tracked every step of the way). People even send diamonds and gold via Registered Mail!

There's also the possibility (which we're investigating on our end) of working with places like Kinko's or Office Depot, etc., to have our customers take in their photos to be scanned there and getting a digital file of it on a disk which they can then either mail to us or send by e-mail. You might want to ask around yourself.

Thank you.

We don't write photos to CDs at this time but we may in the future, and they'd be just regular TIFF or JPEG files. We do send you the restored digital files on floppy disks now.

[Addition: We now DO write onto CDs; e-mail us at: Contact us for information.]


Q: hi, my name is XY and was wondering what it costs to buy the publishing on the reports and manuals.
thanks ...XY

A: The publishing reports with complete reprint rights has several versions, the best and most profit-producing of which is the Reproduction Rights Series, Item #4134, which is $75.00 ($35.00 for Distributors).


Q: I am trying to locate a business report that can be marketed based on the following subjects:

1. How to buy income/investment property cheap
2. How to buy bank foreclosures and government seized property.
3. How to buy your first home
4. Everything you should know when buying your first home.

Please advise me if you have any reports close to the titles listed above.
You can e-mail me at:

Thank you.

A: We don't offer reports that cover all your wants. But take a look at the following:
Item# 3952H The complete set of 82 Reports and Manuals on page
Item #4134 Reproduction Rights Series CD-ROM on same page

Also books on pages and


Q: Dear Prospective Partner:

I am a middle aged Executive/Enterprising Person, with interest in changing my career to Direct Marketing. I have little knowledge of Direct Marketing and have heard of potentials this industry provides via, Trade Journals and business "Gurus." I need more information as a novice start up company. Your Web page has drawn my interest and your help to my questions will be appreciated.

Questions you may be able to help me with would are:

- Commodities you specifically have to market.
- Average length of times it takes to generate return on investment.
- A to Z operational functions necessary to start up.
- Average start up cost or ranges of cost depending on commodities you offer.

Professionally Yours,
Mr. Z

Commodities you specifically have to market:

A: I don't know if you mean "that one must market" or "that we at TERMIS have that we market". Nevertheless, I'll try to answer this. Generally, you can market ANYTHING you want, and I do mean anything. What we have is information products (i.e., books and short-length printed reports and manuals) that teach people how to do things, especially how to establish their own businesses. You see, those are the things that sell the most, things that teach people how to make money and have their own business.

Average length of times it takes to generate return on investment:

A: It can take a long time, or a very short one. You're asking an impossible to answer question. How hard are you willing to work at promoting yourself, and how much time are you willing to give to these efforts (not to mention how much money are you willing to invest in advertising)?

A to Z operational functions necessary to start up:

A: There's no such thing in this business, you have to improvise and "follow your intuition". You learn as you go.

Average start up cost or ranges of cost depending on commodities you offer:

A: It all depends on what you have already (equipment, etc.). $100 or even less can get you started (if you were to become one of our Distributors, $50 can get you in if you're in the US, which I assume you are). Then you have to get your website going, if you choose that route (webhosting charges, etc.). You ought to count on anywhere from $50 to $300 a month on advertising, depending on which magazines you select to place ads, if you select this alternative.


Q: Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you from Germany because I am highly interested in your Item No. 4134 Collection of Marketing/Business Reports. I herewith just want to make sure that I fully understand your price for the whole lot of reports. Is the Distributors' price for Item No. 4134 including the reproduction rights really 35.00 Dollars? Unfortunately your order form only contains US-States. Where can I mention my homecountry Germany? Thanking you in advance for your information

I remain

Yours faithfully.

(Name withheld)

A: The order form ( has a link that says: "Customers from any other countries, go here." That's if you need to order by mail. Please read carefully the terms to see what kind of payment options we accept.

And don't forget that you must be a Distributor to pay only $35.00 for it. The "Worldwide TERMIS Distributorship" fee is $90.00.



Q: Hello:

Can I buy articles individuals and still have reprint rights?

A: No. Reprint rights come only with full sets, either on floppy disk, CD-ROMs or hard copy paper sets.



Q: I am interested in promoting and distributing some of your lines of books. I am also interested in your CD-ROM containing the reports series.

Is it possible to distribute the books while owning the publishing rights to the reports? Does a distributor have any reproduction rights? If I paid $75.00 for the CD-ROM with reproduction rights, would I also have to pay the full $83.00 for the right to distribute your other products from Canada?

I am a Canadian citizen living in Quebec. I will shortly be building my own website from which to do business. Can you give me some indication of the prices to charge to Canadian customers, as well as what I might expect to pay as a distributor?

Please send your reply as soon as you can.


(Name withheld)

A: Thanks for writing. We try to make the website as self-explanatory as possible. But since you seem to have a bit of confusion, here goes:

1) The Distribution fee (in your case, $83.00 US) allows you to become a TERMIS Distributor and sell any or all of or items (by drop-shipping) while paying the wholesale, Distributor's price for them yourself. If you paid this fee, you could also purchase the CD-ROM at the Distributor's price.

2) If you buy just the CD-ROM, or any of the other way the reports come (hard copy on paper, or floppy disks), you pay $75.00 or whatever the price may be and own the publishing rights to THOSE reports, but to nothing else. Of course, if you wanted to sell more of our items later, then you'd have to pay the Distributor's fee, so why would you want to buy the CD-ROM before you did that? It wouldn't make any sense economically.

3) You would be free to charge whatever your market can take (that's usually the way these things go; if a particular market can stand a higher price than another market, then by all means that's what one should charge). But usually it's best to go with the prices that are already designated, that is, the ones on our website. Or you could even charge less if you wanted to, to try to get a bigger market share. You're free to do what you want.

I hope this clears things up and that you decide to either become a Distributor or get the CD-ROM or another of the all-reprint-rights-included sets.




Q: Please send me info on how to start work asap. Thanks.

A: We'll be glad to guide you.

First visit and sign up as a TERMIS Distributor. This will allow you to resell all of our line of books, CD-ROMs, manuals, etc. at a very good profit.

Then take a tour of all or most of our site (it's recommended you start at and follow the links, as they interest you). Print out some of the pages and keep them for reference. Then decide how you will proceed in your promotional efforts, by mail or by Internet. The best is to use both methods. If you need to learn about how to do it best, we recommend you purchase one or more of the titles listed on that first page mentioned above, and study it/them.

Then set up your website, or place an internet classified ad (we submit ads to over 500 free classified ad sites; see, or start placing ads in magazines, or do it all.

When you start getting orders, just place your drop-ship order directly from us, at (it's a password-restricted page, for Distributors only) and we will ship directly to your customer, using your own shipping label (your customer never hears anything about us).

Basically, that's it.

I hope you have found this sufficiently helpful, and that you decide to start your own home business in information marketing, with our help.


Q: To Whom It May Concern:

I have really enjoyed this web-site. I am considering doing business @ Termis. I have a small marketing business in Southwest Louisiana that is doing real good. I believe that you have some products and services that I could use.
I am very interested in learning more about Termis/Co and your products and services, other than what is posted on the webpage.

Thank you.

XYZ Company

Address, etc.

A: Thank you for your kind comments about our website.

Regarding additional information, we have striven to include everything in our online content. There is nothing else to tell you about other than our own internal, private information.

If you would like to do business with us, the procedure is as follows: --- For the rest of this answer, see answer to question immediately above. ---