YOU sponsor three people with you in the #1 slot    =    3 x $10    You receive    $30  
Those 3 sponsor three people each with you in the #2 slot    =    9 x $10    You receive    $90  
Those 9 sponsor three people each with you in the #3 slot    =    27 x $10    You receive    $270  
Those 27 sponsor three people each with you in the #4 slot    =    81 x $10    You receive    $810  
Those 81 sponsor three people each with you in the #5 slot    =    243 x $10    You receive    $2,430  
Those 243 sponsor three people each with you in the #6 slot    =    729 x $10    You receive    $7,290  


The people running this program are con artists. This is a great program, but it's only great for getting you separated from your hard-earned money.

Please help out by going after these people. Just complete two online complaint forms for the offices of the attorneys general of California, Florida and Virginia (I'm giving you the URLs below). They also (especially Florida) want to see any supporting documentation, so make copies of the stuff you got from whomever sent you the flyer for TLP and mail them.

The reason I'm showing the sites for these states is that in the papers I got, it had addresses and phone and fax numbers in these states. It's possible that as these crooks move around, closing one place and opening another, addresses in other states may start popping up. Therefore, if you receive the 8-page solicitation letter from someone, do the following:

  • keep the envelope and see if there's a (not very likely) return address, and if not, see if you can tell the state, city and zip code where it originates from the postmark
  • fill out the application (make up a name) and fax it to them (they generally have a toll-free fax number, the darlings)
  • if you get a response from them, DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY! Instead please keep the page and send me all the pertinent information by e-mail and I'll forward all to the proper authorities
That information will generally be the address where they want you to send the cash.

Send any of the above information, or any other thing you've learned about this fraudulent system, to, and I'll post it here.

About Virginia, there's a PDF document complaint form that you can download from their website.

Anything other than the attorneys general, I don't know. They ought to be able to find out exactly who had the old telephone numbers, even the toll-free one, since that's a matter of the phone company's records. They may also find out who occupied those office spaces in Florida and California.

I don't know about you, but I want my 100 bucks back!

Here they are:



VA: to download that PDF.

As you can see in this example, in Phase I you have now received almost $11,000 in cash money (Remember: You are always paid in cash!) Not a bad chunk of change, is it? And remember, YOU only gifted $100 out of your own pocket. Now, YOU do some of the math and let's jiggle the figures a little just to see what happens. How much would you make if you sponsored, say, 6 people?... or 10 people? What if the guy 2 levels down from you sponsored 30 people instead of 3? See how easy this plan is to understand? Do you see the potential??

Now let's be super conservative. What if you DIDN'T make all $10,920 shown in our example above. Would you be too upset if you only made $6,000 instead of the almost $11,000 shown in our example? Would you REALLY be upset at all?? What if you made twice the amount shown? It's entirely possible and we bet you wouldn't gripe much about that!

Phase 2 is where the REALLY BIG money comes in! Instead of gifting $10 to 6 different people, in Phase 2 everyone gifts $500 to each of six people, which means you will gift $3,000; but DON'T WORRY! By that time you will have received a whole lot more than that from cycling through Phase 1, so you easily have the $3,000 needed to move into Phase 2. Instead of thinking about having to pay out $3,000 in Phase 2, think more about how YOU will be receiving $500 from each of the same number of people shown in the above example! This amounts to over over $500,000!! -- if everyone does just the minimum effort of bringing in 3 people each! Imagine what the payout would be if you brought in MORE than the minimum of 3 people. What if you brought in a dozen people who each bring in three, or perhaps you bring in two dozen people? We hope you are beginning to get excited!


To provide an UNLIMITED and ongoing cash-generating potential for you, you are allowed to participate in our cash-generating system as many times as you wish! You DO NOT have to wait until you complete a cycle before joining again... you can sponsor yourself as many times as you want. Or put your spouse in. Or the kids. Or Grandma and Grampa. We will not force you to "sit and wait" as other programs require you to do. This allows you "go-getters" to move with the speed of a rocket! The only requirement is that each time you sign up you must pay the $100 participation fee. So, if you want to sign up twice, you'll send $200 and we will enroll you two times. We treat each of your entries as if you were two different people. By signing up twice, you can expect to receive DOUBLE the amount of money shown in our example above. Imagine what you'll receive in Phase 2 (with the higher payout amounts) once you've been through Phase 1 twice!

PLUS... once you've finished cycling through Phase 2, you can re-enroll right back into Phase 2 again (without having to go back to Phase 1). You can keep doing this over and over again (with your initial people still following you) ... for as long as you like!

Don't worry about how we're going to get the cash to you because that's all figured out. We know what we're doing, and once you start receiving high dollar payments, you will receive many payment packages from us each month. So please don't worry about HOW we're going to get your money to you; you will get your money, and you can always count on that! The Member's Guide will explain all this to you in greater detail.

The Last Program explained.