The people running this program are con artists. This is a great program, but it's only great for getting you separated from your hard-earned money.

Please help out by going after these people. Just complete two online complaint forms for the offices of the attorneys general of California, Florida and Virginia (I'm giving you the URLs below). They also (especially Florida) want to see any supporting documentation, so make copies of the stuff you got from whomever sent you the flyer for TLP and mail them.

The reason I'm showing the sites for these states is that in the papers I got, it had addresses and phone and fax numbers in these states. It's possible that as these crooks move around, closing one place and opening another, addresses in other states may start popping up. Therefore, if you receive the 8-page solicitation letter from someone, do the following:

  • keep the envelope and see if there's a (not very likely) return address, and if not, see if you can tell the state, city and zip code where it originates from the postmark
  • fill out the application (make up a name) and fax it to them (they generally have a toll-free fax number, the darlings)
  • if you get a response from them, DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY! Instead please keep the page and send me all the pertinent information by e-mail and I'll forward all to the proper authorities
That information will generally be the address where they want you to send the cash.

Send any of the above information, or any other thing you've learned about this fraudulent system, to, and I'll post it here.

About Virginia, there's a PDF document complaint form that you can download from their website.

Anything other than the attorneys general, I don't know. They ought to be able to find out exactly who had the old telephone numbers, even the toll-free one, since that's a matter of the phone company's records. They may also find out who occupied those office spaces in Florida and California.

I don't know about you, but I want my 100 bucks back!

Here they are:



VA: to download that PDF.

Most of the gifting-type programs we came across were "monthly payment" types. There are programs where you pay a small fee each month of, say, $20.00 or $30.00, and you send these payments in to the program operator each month, who then dispatches all payments to the appropriate participants once or twice each month.

As these programs grow, the volume of mail also grows since each member sends a gift each month. This is the Achilles heel that defeats every one of the MONTHLY gifting programs! That volume of mail attracts a LOT of attention! With this much attention, one of two things usually occurs:
1. Someone eventually discovers that cash is inside all those envelopes. This usually happens when a postal employee sees an envelope that has been accidentally torn open by mail handling equipment. Mail going to that address in the future is then stolen or somehow "lost" (as the post office would describe it). From here on out the program is on its way down because payments are not getting to the participants since they are being stolen and the operator is not receiving them. The operator does not know what is going on; he just knows that his monthly mail volume has dropped, but he's not sure why. The program dies.
2. The Postal Service gets word from another government agency to interrupt mail service - without notice - to whatever address the operator was using. The Postal Service complies, which causes a serious disruption to the program and the program suffers an immediate death. The operator is powerless to do anything about it. By the time the operator goes to court to fight this illegal action by the Postal Service, it is too late... he cannot salvage the program.

Money Making System The number one weakness that causes most gifting programs to fail is the fact that the U.S. Postal Service cannot be trusted to reliably deliver any mail that contains cash!

And you know what? The sad thing about this fact is that THEY KNOW IT TOO because even the Postal Service tells you not to send cash through their system. Yeah... even they know they have serious theft problems! In each of the above examples, the operator gets blamed for the failure of the program, but the reality is the U.S. Postal Service (the government) is at fault for the program's failure - not the operator. Unfortunately, there's not much any of us can do to change how the government operates.

The point we're trying to make is that we found out gifting programs would really work if the government would leave them alone!

To recap, the three problems with most cash gifting programs are:

1. Requiring members to make regular monthly payments (which leads to problem #2)...
2. Attracting too much attention due to the high volume of mail to a single address (which leads to problem #3)...
3. Theft of cash by postal employees or other mail handlers.

Cash in the Mail,Tax-FreeThe first thing we've done in our new system is eliminate the U.S. Postal Service from the most critical loop, which is the delivery of cash and other correspondence to the program operators (Bernie and me). To deliver cash payments and other correspondence, we use Private Carriers such as UPS, Fed-Ex, Airborne Express, etc. Notice we didn't say that YOU can't use the Postal Service to promote the program through the mail if you wanted to, because you can... there's certainly no problem with that since you are just mailing letters and there is no cash in them. We mean that anything coming to us as the internal monitors of the program must not travel via the U.S. Postal Service since they are not the trustworthy public servants they are supposed to be. (This is NOT an attack on the morals or the fiber of all postal employees! It's just a statement of fact that there are some rotten apples in the bunch, as there are in all walks of life!)

Secondly, we've created a way to keep our delivery address so fluid that even existing members will not be sure what it is from one day to another. The only people who will know which address is the correct address on any given day will be those new people who wish to join our program. Yes, yes, yes, we will eventually give YOU a phone number, a fax number, and an e-mail address so you can communicate directly with us, but not until we are ready for you to have that information. We don't want this privy information given out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. This procedure is for your benefit because it protects the program and keeps the cash flowing FOR YOU!

Thirdly, we solved the incoming mail volume problem by making this plan a one-time payment program. This eliminates the major problem with those "monthly" gifting programs described earlier: 1) It prevents drawing too much attention to a single address, 2) It eliminates the hassles of remembering to make a monthly payment and then going through the trouble and inconvenience of actually making the payment, and 3) It prevents a member from accidentally getting dropped from the program because he or she was late with their monthly payment or forgot to make it altogether. You see, many programs would drop you like a hot potato if you missed a payment. Our procedure of making a SINGLE payment completely solves this problem. You won't lose all of the time and money you put into the program simply because you were really busy one month and forgot to make your payment or you didn't receive your reminder notice or you misplaced it.

The one-time payment is $100.00 - which we feel is very reasonable, especially when you see what the payout is with this program (which we'll describe later). Yes, the one-time payment is a little higher than those monthly payments in some other programs, but it actually costs LESS to participate in our program. Think about this! After you've made just 3 or 4 payments in those "monthlies", it has already cost you more money to participate in them than it would have cost you for being in ours and making JUST ONE PAYMENT. Bernie and I have really thought this through, and we know we have a better way... anyone participating in our program will be doing so at A MUCH LOWER OVERALL COST! With these corrective actions and techniques, along with several others we won't mention here, our program literally can never be shut down by anyone!

The Last Program explained.