The people running this program are con artists. This is a great program, but it's only great for getting you separated from your hard-earned money.

Please help out by going after these people. Just complete two online complaint forms for the offices of the attorneys general of California, Florida and Virginia (I'm giving you the URLs below). They also (especially Florida) want to see any supporting documentation, so make copies of the stuff you got from whomever sent you the flyer for TLP and mail them.

The reason I'm showing the sites for these states is that in the papers I got, it had addresses and phone and fax numbers in these states. It's possible that as these crooks move around, closing one place and opening another, addresses in other states may start popping up. Therefore, if you receive the 8-page solicitation letter from someone, do the following:

  • keep the envelope and see if there's a (not very likely) return address, and if not, see if you can tell the state, city and zip code where it originates from the postmark
  • fill out the application (make up a name) and fax it to them (they generally have a toll-free fax number, the darlings)
  • if you get a response from them, DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY! Instead please keep the page and send me all the pertinent information by e-mail and I'll forward all to the proper authorities
That information will generally be the address where they want you to send the cash.

Send any of the above information, or any other thing you've learned about this fraudulent system, to Contact us, and I'll post it here.

About Virginia, there's a PDF document complaint form that you can download from their website.

Anything other than the attorneys general, I don't know. They ought to be able to find out exactly who had the old telephone numbers, even the toll-free one, since that's a matter of the phone company's records. They may also find out who occupied those office spaces in Florida and California.

I don't know about you, but I want my 100 bucks back!

Here they are:



VA: to download that PDF.

The cash money you receive from this program is technically considered non-taxable gifts from income that has already been taxed (since you didn't earn it via any kind of commerce), and it even states this in the IRS code. We realize that there are people who would argue against this point, but the fact remains that gift amounts received from any single person per year up to $10,000 are NOT legally taxable as spelled out by the IRS Tax Code itself. Other people (both in the government and outside of the government), may twist words around and argue that the money you receive is "income" ... It is not! We suggest to these people that they go to the tax code and learn what the true definition of income really is as defined by the tax code itself. Gifts are not income and are NOT legally taxable as such. If, however, after all this you really feel a little squeamish about this point, here's our suggestion: join the program and make your money, then claim it as "miscellaneous income" on your tax return and pay taxes on it if you want. You'll then go to bed feeling good and you will have still made a lot of extra money!
Once you've experienced total financial freedom, you'll feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders...

If you desire NOT to claim it as income (since it isn't income), keep the cash you receive and do whatever you want with it. It's YOUR choice. In our Member's Guide, we'll tell you exactly how to handle your money so you can avoid any hassles.

Now let's discuss how our powerful new cash generating system will make YOU money, because this is what it's all about! Our system actually consists of two phases. Phase 1 will be described here. Phase 2 works exactly like Phase 1, except it involves a lot more money ... and it's by personal invitation only from us (Bernie and Martin). After you've shown us that you can follow our directions and you've made a reasonable amount of money with Phase 1 (at least $3,000), we will personally call to invite you into Phase 2. The real beauty of Phase 2 is that you DON'T have to do much because most of the people you sponsored into Phase 1 will automatically follow you into Phase 2. Pretty neat, huh?

To continue... once you join your task is very simple: sponsor 3 people. That's it - just 3 people. THIS IS VERY EASY TO DO! There are a number of ways you can do this, and our Member's Guide will explain them all to you. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO ANY MAILINGS! You can do mailings if you want, but we'll show you how to sponsor three people at virtually no cost to you. However, if you would like to mail letters totally anonymously so that you can reach even MORE people and make an even greater total dollar amount than what we're about to show you, we'll reveal several ways to do it through the mail for a modest cost. Whichever method(s) you choose, you'll use the camera-ready letter we send you which has your name and number at the #1 position. So let's now see what the numbers look like with everyone sponsoring an average of only three people each. Keep in mind that you receive a full $10.00 from everyone at each level down six levels deep.

The Last Program explained.