If you truly want to receive some serious cash money, then you need to be a part of this! We have purposely designed this program so that the average person could easily afford to participate in it. Certainly you must be tired of joining programs that are continually being shut down. Here's your chance to FINALLY receive the kind of cash money that has been eluding you all these years. It's time to get rolling down the road to financial freedom with a program that has been designed for your success and a team that truly wants to make this happen for you!

The people running this program are con artists. This is a great program, but it's only great for getting you separated from your hard-earned money.

Please help out by going after these people. Just complete two online complaint forms for the offices of the attorneys general of California, Florida and Virginia (I'm giving you the URLs below). They also (especially Florida) want to see any supporting documentation, so make copies of the stuff you got from whomever sent you the flyer for TLP and mail them.

The reason I'm showing the sites for these states is that in the papers I got, it had addresses and phone and fax numbers in these states. It's possible that as these crooks move around, closing one place and opening another, addresses in other states may start popping up. Therefore, if you receive the 8-page solicitation letter from someone, do the following:

  • keep the envelope and see if there's a (not very likely) return address, and if not, see if you can tell the state, city and zip code where it originates from the postmark
  • fill out the application (make up a name) and fax it to them (they generally have a toll-free fax number, the darlings)
  • if you get a response from them, DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY! Instead please keep the page and send me all the pertinent information by e-mail and I'll forward all to the proper authorities
That information will generally be the address where they want you to send the cash.

Send any of the above information, or any other thing you've learned about this fraudulent system, to Contact us, and I'll post it here.

About Virginia, there's a PDF document complaint form that you can download from their website.

Anything other than the attorneys general, I don't know. They ought to be able to find out exactly who had the old telephone numbers, even the toll-free one, since that's a matter of the phone company's records. They may also find out who occupied those office spaces in Florida and California.

I don't know about you, but I want my 100 bucks back!

Here they are:



VA: to download that PDF.

1(866) 777-7788
Alt Fax # 1(727) 786-3308 (NOT toll-free)

Step 1:    Using BLACK ink, completely fill out this application form, including providing us with a numerical 4-digit "Personal Security Password". The Personal Security Password is something that only you and we will know... it will not be released to anyone else. It will be used to positively identify you when you make changes to your personal information. Please PRINT VERY CLEARLY so that we can easily read all information once it has been faxed to us. (Fax transmissions cause loss of quality and clarity!) You do not have to use your real name if you don't want to... you may use any name you wish, but be sure that you can receive mail under whatever name you give us! We must have an accurate address within the U.S.

Step 2:    Fax this application to our toll-free number: 1(866) 777-7788. Yep... we even pay for the phone call! These days you can find any number of places to send faxes for you... your local grocery store, a mail room, a print shop, Office Depot, Kinko's, Staples, or perhaps you have your own fax machine at home. With us paying for the call, even your employer shouldn't mind you sending a one-page fax from his machine since there's NO expense to him. (Sorry, but we will return or ignore any improperly completed applications.)

IMPORTANT!    So that the sheet doesn't jam in your fax machine, please fax the whole page to us. If you cut this sheet you might have feeding problems which would make it difficult for us to read your application on our end and we won't be able to respond back to you. So please just fax the whole page to avoid any problems.

Your Name (Be sure you can
receive mail under this name):
Your Address
(U.S. only):
Your City,
State & Zip Code:
Your Telephone Number
(with area code):
4-Digit Numerical Personal Security Password
(YOU pick any 4-digit number you want):

These fine people on the list below are already beginning to improve their financial status.
YOU can add your name to this list and improve your financial status, too by joining us!

#1: xxxxxx
#2: xxxxxx
#3: xxxxxx
#4: xxxxxx
#5: xxxxxx
#6: xxxxxx

If you have any problems getting through to the toll-free fax number listed above, or the alternate number, call our Fax-On-Demand number at 1(703) 834-8994 and, when prompted, enter Document #630 to receive any updated information. (You must be calling from a fax machine with a handset so that you can hear and follow the instructions you will be given when you call.)
At this time, because of the nature of us sending you your payments in U.S. dollars, we are only offering this program to people with an address located in the USA and its territories; if you live outside of the USA, you may participate, but you MUST give us a U.S. address where we can send you your cash payments and correspondence (use a friend or relative's address who lives within the U.S. if you need to). Absolutely NO cash payments will be made outside of the United States at this time.

Copyright 2000 Martin Shaeffer and Bernie Wilkerson

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