The people running this program are con artists. This is a great program, but it's only great for getting you separated from your hard-earned money.

Please help out by going after these people. Just complete two online complaint forms for the offices of the attorneys general of California, Florida and Virginia (I'm giving you the URLs below). They also (especially Florida) want to see any supporting documentation, so make copies of the stuff you got from whomever sent you the flyer for TLP and mail them.

The reason I'm showing the sites for these states is that in the papers I got, it had addresses and phone and fax numbers in these states. It's possible that as these crooks move around, closing one place and opening another, addresses in other states may start popping up. Therefore, if you receive the 8-page solicitation letter from someone, do the following:

  • keep the envelope and see if there's a (not very likely) return address, and if not, see if you can tell the state, city and zip code where it originates from the postmark
  • fill out the application (make up a name) and fax it to them (they generally have a toll-free fax number, the darlings)
  • if you get a response from them, DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY! Instead please keep the page and send me all the pertinent information by e-mail and I'll forward all to the proper authorities
That information will generally be the address where they want you to send the cash.

Send any of the above information, or any other thing you've learned about this fraudulent system, to Contact us, and I'll post it here.

About Virginia, there's a PDF document complaint form that you can download from their website.

Anything other than the attorneys general, I don't know. They ought to be able to find out exactly who had the old telephone numbers, even the toll-free one, since that's a matter of the phone company's records. They may also find out who occupied those office spaces in Florida and California.

I don't know about you, but I want my 100 bucks back!

Here they are:



VA: to download that PDF.


Q: Why did you guys come up with this?

A: We are in a battle in this country between those who wish to control and those who wish to be free to live their lives as they choose. The road is getting tougher and tougher as government continually tries to find ways to get at us through more and more restrictions (laws) and higher and higher taxes. Think about it for a moment: the only way the average person can climb above the burdens of higher taxes and be able to provide for his or her retirement is to come up with a vehicle for generating a lot of money. So that's what we did... we designed a "cash vehicle" for the average person! The more money a person has, the less that person can be controlled because he or she is not dependent on the government. In your situation, would YOU be better off with more money or less money? This is a silly question... of course you would be better off with more money. So what we're going to do is show you how YOU can get more money - quickly, easily, and quietly - so that you can raise your standard of living and be able to do what - up until now - you have only dreamed about. With this in mind and to answer this question, our intent with this program is to allow you to live life to its fullest, on your own terms, without financial worry or fear from anyone. We will help you make your dreams become reality! We will do this by showing you that capitalism, independence, and freedom are far superior to dependency and poverty.

Q: I've been "burned" by other gifting programs in the past. How do I know It won't happen again?

A: This concern is well-founded. We know some people will wonder if we might just keep all the money that's sent in for ourselves and not send the $10 payments to the rightful recipients. First of all, it wouldn't make sense to go through the great expense of putting this prograrn together and promoting it if we're going to insure it doesn't grow... which is what would happen if we cheated. Secondly, you will have in your possession a computer printout with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the six people we will send $10 to in your name. You can call them and let them know that they should expect to see you show up on their computer printout. Thirdly, we will send you six "Upline Memos" so you can mail one to each of these six people in the event you don't feel like talking on the phone. Also, as we mentioned before, you have to keep in mind that we make our money the same way YOU do... by being participants ourselves! If the program was not successful, how would WE make money? Come on... think about it! We have spoken with many people who have not had success with other programs, and we understand that you might be a little apprehensive about joining yet another gifting-type program. However, if you've read this entire letter, then we're confident that you will realize you are not dealing with idiots and that we ARE different.

That should be apparent! However, if you have little or no trust left in you, then perhaps this venture is not for you. We can't force you to trust us. You have to make your own decision based on how you feel about us from what you read in this letter. If your feelings are that strong, and you really don't feel like you can trust anyone, please don't join. We wish you the best in whatever else you decide to get involved in.

Q: Will I be able to contact you directly?

A: First off, let us state that someone else may have mailed you this letter, but you'll be dealing with Bernie and me after you join. Everyone will want immediate access to us without any restrictions or controls, but that would mean we can't keep our promise of a program that cannot be interfered with. Yes, you will be able to contact us after you are an active member, but WE will determine the time that we will provide that information to you. Let us get to know you a little and things will develop naturally from there. By the time you're making the kind of money we want you to, you will be in direct phone contact with us, so don't burden yourself worrying about this too much.

We should mention that we have plans to meet with you in person (if you're willing) after you've achieved a certain level of success because we have A WHOLE LOT of exciting things planned for the future! More information on this topic will be contained in the Member's Guide.

Q: I like your program, but $100 is a lot of money. Why did you choose to make the cost of participating that amount?

A: We agree that $100 is nothing to sneeze at. However, when you think about it, 100 bucks is really not that much. These days, you go to the grocery store, spend $100 and come out with only 2 or 3 bags of food. Bernie says he easily spends 40 bucks a pop every time he fills up his truck at the gas station and he tanks up twice a week! So you see, you really don't get much with $100 these days. When Bernie and I started kicking around figures (and we kicked around a LOT of them) trying to figure out what would work best for everyone who participated (PLUS what it would cost us to set up and maintain the administrative functions necessary to monitor everything), the "one-hundred dollar" figure fit the bill perfectly. It's not too much out of one's pocket, and it allowed every person to receive a sizeable amount of cash money - so we went with that.

Keep in mind you WILL get back what you put into this program many times over, but it DOES take some time... we're telling you this up front. Everything depends on how fast the members move. If your family has to suffer between the time that you send in your gift payment and the time you start receiving gifts, then we prefer you didn't do this. Remember it can take from six weeks to six months to receive all of your gifts. Since families are the core of our society, it is more important that you take care of your family first.

The Last Program explained.