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Discover the profit-making secrets of selling arts and crafts...
        ... learn how you can earn big profits selling high-demand items.

 Tens of thousands of people are turning their hobbies and crafts into both spare-time and full-time income. Here, in one beautiful 224 page book is everything you'll need to know to start your own business; succeed at craft and trade shows; sell to stores, interior designers, and corporations; pricing tips, extra income ideas and more! Well organized and easily read, this exciting book is illustrated with charts, graphs, tables and completely indexed for easy reference! Big 6 x 9 perfect bound book suitable for any library.

Get step-by-step help on 150 topics of starting and growing a crafts business:

  • Learn which crafts customers want now
  • Discover how to price your work for maximum profits
  • Learn success tips for selling at craft fairs and which shows are best for you
  • Master the art of getting store buyers to purchase more of your pieces
  • Find out how to get interior designers and corporations to buy your work
  • Start a mail order craft business
  • Discover overlooked markets for crafts
  • Learn the right way to use promotional material
  • What to do when your work isn't selling
  • Take advantage of spin-off ideas for extra income
  • Use the appendice's list of over 250 art and craft resources
  • Every topic indexed for instant access to the information you need now


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Check your coins! There are billions of U.S. coins in circulation... many of them are worth hundreds, even thousands of $$$. The U.S.A. Coin Guide tells you which U.S. coins are valuable ... and tells you how much they are worth. It also tells you how to look for and find valuable coins - and how to sell them for the best price.

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Over 1000 valuable FREE ITEMS can be yours... by simply writing and asking. This book pictures & describes all the free offers and gives the addresses where you can write for them. It's that easy. Free items include beauty aids, vitamins, recipes, TV show tickets, arts & crafts items, pet care books, color film, product samples and many more valuable items.

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What the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know:
A CPA Reveals the Tricks of the Trade
by Marty Kaplan, Naomi Weiss, Martin Kaplan

The authors portray the IRS as arrogant, uncaring, vindictive, and rife with bureaucratic incompetence. By revealing IRS operating procedures that determine how and when a return is audited, the authors provide tips on minimizing the likelihood of an audit and they spell out "endless" loopholes in our tax laws that they say should be taken advantage of.

Federal Mafia:
How It Illegally Imposes
and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes

by Irwin A. Schiff

A reader: "This book is an excellent, readable, and meticulously documented analysis of the income tax in America. Schiff proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the income tax is indeed voluntary and that there is no law that says it has to be paid. Don't believe me? Read the book. One last thing, if there is a law that says one has to pay the income tax, why doesn't the IRS point it out to Mr. Schiff to shut him the hell up?"

The Great Income Tax Hoax
by Peter Schiff, Irwin A. Schiff

The most accurate and referenced accumulation on the history of income taxes. You will learn that the only reason the founding fathers reluctantly decided to grant the federal government any taxing powers at all was to allow it to have quick access to capital ONLY in times of war! Follow the Supreme Court decisions that are ignored in our current courts from the Pollock case to the Brushaber case. Learn why the income tax is a masterful hoax!

The Biggest Con:
How the Government Is Fleecing You
by Irwin A. Schiff

The Social Security Swindle:
How Anyone Can Drop Out
by Irwin A. Schiff

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