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  • $18,000 in three weeks - Victor Wild, Carpinteria, CA
  • $40,000 in one month - George Bowman, Southfleld, MI
  • $30,000 In one month -- Jill White, Los Angeles, CA
  • $100,000 In four months - Barrio Konicov, Alto, MI

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    Does it sound too good to be true? Listen to what I have to say. I'm talking about making extra money in the fascinating mail order business.  I can show you how to start in your spare time.  It's interesting,  exciting,  and can mean big dollars for you in a business that will give you a great deal of personal satisfaction. Think of all the mail order ads you see.  Millions of dollars are exchanging hands every day.  Why not learn how to get your share of dollars in this fabulous business?  Don't think for one moment that you can't do it.  I'll prove you can.  Numerous mail order ads are run by individuals such as yourself who quietly bank profits every month or buy those extras they want. Best of all,  with my instructions you can run your mail order business right from your home.  You can control the growth of your business,  either keeping it small or pyramiding your profits.


The field of mail order is filled with success stories in which people start with an idea but little money and make fortunes.  Once you apply my success plan,  it will be like having your own oil well.  There is no end to the variety of ways to make money in mail order. I, personally,  love selling how-to books.  I'll show you exactly how I recently created a 48-page best seller based on the idea of spoofing exercise and-diet books.


I've been successfully selling how-to books for 25 years,  and I'm willing to share my secrets and business know-how with you.  In fact,  I'll show you how to make money selling the same type of books.  Haven't you purchased how-to books and don't you know people who continually buy them? The possibilities for selling this type of book are unlimited.  Think of the wide variety of titles How to Get Better Gas Mileage, How to Improve your Relationships,  How to Grow Plants,  How to Win at Gambling,  How to Make Money in Real Estate,  and on and on.


One very important section in my book is worth the price of the entire book.  For the first time,  I reveal the inner secrets of mail order experts on how to get free magazine ads that can quickly put you on the road to riches.  Sound too good to be true?  Just read Chapter 13.


I know you have seen ads on other mail order books,  and you may be wondering if you can really believe my ads.  My answer is,  "Absolutely yes."  If it isn't all I say it is,  your money will be refunded immediately. Today- do yourself a real favor.  Send away for my book.  You'll be pleasantly surprised and delighted with your newly found knowledge,  especially when those beautiful,  green dollars start rolling in.  The future is yours.  You are not only what you are today,  but also what you choose to become tomorrow.


Here is proof positive from readers of How to Get Rich in Mail Order.  Their full names and addresses are included should you wish to send for their catalogs.  These letters are on file as required by the United States Federal Trade Commission.  Wouldn't it be terrific to see your success story here?:

      $18,000 IN THREE WEEKS  --  Your mail order book has changed my life.  I followed your instructions,  wrote a book and ran a test ad.  The results -- $18,000 in the first three weeks! I know that I am on my way to mail order riches!  Those checks look so beautiful.  Thank you, Mr. Powers, for writing the book that made it possible.
   Victor Wild,  Carpinteria, California

      $30,000 IN ONE MONTH  --  You have written the best book on mail order.  After reading your book and following your advice,  I did $30,000 worth of business in one month.  Many thanks.
   Jill W. White,   Los Angeles, California

      $40,000 THE FIRST MONTH  --  Your book on mail order is,  without reservation,  the finest and most complete book I've ever read.  The tips and instructions showed me how to write a winning book and ad that grossed me $40,000 the first month,  and the money is still rolling in.  I ran the ad in Popular Science. I want to thank you for all your help and to congratulate you on writing and publishing a great book.
   George Bowman,  Southfield, Michigan

      $100,000 IN FOUR MONTHS  --  Your mail order book is great!  Using your techniques and expertise,  I made over $100,000 in four months.  Keep up the good work.
   Barrie Konicov,   Alto,  Michigan


I am very proud of the following book review from the June, 1980 official newsletter of the prestigious National Mail Order Association:

   'A comprehensive guide on how to make it big in mail order by an outstanding entrepreneur who did. Starting from zero,  Melvin Powers built a sizeable publishing business selling a wide variety of books.  How he did it is clearly explained in this large,  detailed,  lavishly illustrated book.  In it,  he shares with you his knowledge and successful experience in finding unique products,   making money with classified and display ads,  copycatting successful mail order operations,  selling to other mail order companies,  retailers,  jobbers and fund raisers,  making ads sizzle,  plus much more.  A useful book that could repay its cost a thousandfold.'


Mail order is my business and my hobby.  It's fun,  it's creative,  it's fascinating-- and it means big money,  too!  Your secret dreams can come true because there are millions of customers out there just waiting to send you their dollars for your product or service.  I am continually amazed at the incredible money-making opportunities in this field. To experience the joy of shaking thousands of dollars from stacks of envelopes addressed to you,  send for How to Get Rich in Mail Order by Melvin Powers.  336 pages,  over 200 pages of illustrations, 81/2"x 11" size

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