Mexico Trade Directory: this complete directory to south of the border merchandise is your guide to riches in wholesale marketing.


South of the Border ...


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You can now benefit from new NAFTA trade laws that will allow you to import low-cost, high quality products made in mexico at a fraction of past prices. This single guide will tell you where and how to find suppliers of over 75 different categories of merchandise. Whether it be colorful embroidered dresses, fine silver jewelry, brightly woven tapestries, or intricately tooled leather crafts, the list goes on... With this concise information you can write, telephone or fax your orders directly to thc manufacturers.


... in this ALL NEW Import Export Mexico Directory. You will be able to contact them by fax or air mail, which reaches them quickly. There are thousands of small factories in Mexico with less then 15 employees, looking for your business. They want to sell to you! They are waiting to ship to the USA. They hope the new trade agreement with the U.S.will boost their sales. It's your opportunity.

Mexico is a real source for thousands of items that are profit making sellers in the U.S.A. Mexicans are noted for their fine silver jewelry. Mexico is only a few miles from many locations in the U.S. You are only a short plane ride from key Mexican suppliers.


... plus good quality. This combination is what makes it easy for you to profit from your new found Mexico sources. You have the same benefit that large operators have as soon as you get your Mexico Trade Directory! Nothing more to buy. No course to take. Drop shipping factories are there. No complicated importing system Anyone can do it. You can do it!


Insiders have been trading with Mexico for years. One dealer in oil paintings regularly sends his trucks to Mexico to bring back a load which he sells at a high profit to retailers in the U.S. Another small U. S. importer has his jewelry made in the heart of Mexico by skilled craftsmen and shipped to his warehouse in the U.S.

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A special offer for seven trade guides
for the US, the Orient and the World, at a reduced price:
"Hong Kong Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Taiwan Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Philippines Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Orient Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Mexico Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"U.S.A. Wholesale Sources Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
and "Closeout Sources Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
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