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The secret of this age is now available to you. For years the rich and powerful knew how to buy at low prices in Taiwan. They knew whom to contact. Now, I want you to have the same opportunity they have had!! Let me reveal to you the heretofore unknown addresses of the Taiwan manufacturers that want to sell hundreds, yes, thousands of different products to you at prices that you will regard as practically a giveaway. You can write to them directly. You can order samples directly from them. It's an exciting NEW way to get products directly from small Taiwan manufacturers where you can make deals right with the owner. Without this Taiwan Trade Directory, you might have to take an expensive trip to Taiwan and scour the countryside to locate suppliers. Our new directory has changed all this.


Now the Republic of China is at your fingertips. You can even get products made to order for you. An American distributor of exotic lingerie was able to get a quotation of special made to order panties at only 5 each. These were sold in the U.S. at $3.95 each. This is just an example of what's in store for you. Enjoy the thrill of contacting Taiwan suppliers. But even more, enjoy the money that you will make from products at the Iow Taiwan prices. Remember, we are talking about first rate products that will sell to your customers in the USA. You can get samples before you buy quantities... see what you will be getting.

...TV Color Boosters, Water Fountains, Electrical appliances, Sporting goods, Garment bags, Novelties, Leather products, Toys, Miniature Paintings, Sunglasses, Umbrellas, Nylon bags, Clocks, Silk flowers, Porcelain figurines, Games, Knives, plus thousands of other products...


The world of Taiwan is waiting for you. It's yours. Can you believe that for the Iow cost of this directory you will be enjoying new friends and a whole new world will be opened up to you? If you could go to Taiwan you would find these small shops and factories eagerly waiting to hear from Americans like yourself who want to buy from them. Until this new directory was published, you didn't know where they were and they didn't know how to reach you. Now, through the pages of this exciting photo illustrated Taiwan Trade Directory, you can have what you need to boost your profits.


This Taiwan Trade Directory has everything you need to get started at once. As soon as you receive it you can start! Begin by ordering samples of fabulous products that you want.

DON'T DELAY. This new directory lists many new suppliers waiting to sell to American dealers. Get in on the ground floor. An old Chinese proverb states, "He who begins first is off to success." Make your dreams comes true with this Taiwan Trade Directory. Let its pages reveal to you the rich rewards of the Orient.


Yes, we guarantee that the names and addresses of suppliers are 97% accurate. Further, we guarantee your satisfaction with this directory.


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Item #1794


A special offer for four trade guides
for the Orient and the World, at a reduced price:
"World's Buyer's Guide
To Unusual And Innovative Products"
 (reg. $15.00)
"Hong Kong Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Taiwan Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
and "Phillipines Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
Over $10.00 in savings!

Price:  $49.95    (Distributors' price: $22.00)

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Item #1795


A special offer for seven trade guides
for the US, the Orient and the World, at a reduced price:
"Hong Kong Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Taiwan Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Philippines Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Orient Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"Mexico Trade Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
"U.S.A. Wholesale Sources Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
and "Closeout Sources Directory"  (reg. $15.00)
$25.00 in savings!

Price:  $80.00    (Distributors' price: $40.00)

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