The secret of getting Free Advertising is knowing WHERE to get it and HOW to go about getting it.


239 Different Ideas... all in Lee Howard's dynamic 'FREE ADS' Manual...


You can make money selling the items on this page and some others in the rest of this website: establish your OWN direct marketing home based business. It's a lot easier than you might think! See list of resellable items.
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  You can use these 239 ideas right now to get an endless flow of free advertising that will build your mail order business better and faster than you ever thought possible! Waiting for better? The best is right now, while you can still get all of the FREE ADVERTISING that is just waiting for you.


... with circulations of 300,000 and up are offering you this very day a chance of a lifetime, so to speak, by promoting you and your product at NO COST to you... completely free. But, there's more... those are just the big publications... there is an even bigger group of smaller publications with circulations from 5,000 on up that are even more eager to give you free advertising


The secret of getting your free advertising is knowing WHERE to get it and HOW to go about getting it. Going at it the right way will reward you with a fortune in orders that you would have never believed possible. Go at it the wrong way and all you will get are dozens of notes saying, "Sorry, can't help you now." Which do you prefer?


Yes, some of my clients may think I am crazy to give out the heretofore unknown-except-toinsiders sources. Well, not everyone can afford my mail order advertising and marketing consulting fees. And the small mail order dealers are the very ones that need help. I believe this manual will make you successful enough so that you may be eager to pay my ad-writing fees before long. In the meantime, I want you to enjoy the success that will be yours with this unusual and fabulous manual. There is nothing like it available today!


I offer practical,  tested,  how-to information on successfully selling books or products.  Furthermore, I guarantee there's plenty of room for anyone who is seriously willing to follow my blueprint for success.


This one piece of information alone is worth the cost of the manual. A client of mine got a free blurb in a national publication... sold 5,000 books... took in $15,000... all from one freebie ad. This secret source is revealed and you can use it.


Everything in my Free Advertising Manual has been carefully verified at press time. And it's an everyday reference manual, not something you will read once and put aside. It's a working tool... just like having your own diamond mine.


Only 175 ideas in this manual will give you totally free advertising. The other 64 are partially free or cut your cost 50% or more. I couldn't resist giving you these extra ideas as they are just what every mail order dealer needs to know and use. There is not a single freaky, crazy, worthless item in this manual. Every item is a substantial, practical FREE AD possibility. Lee Howard has used and tested nearly all of them. A couple of dozen tips are by other well-known mail order experts who have tested and used them.


If you are new to mail order, you need every word in this manual more than you need anything else. Yes, of course you need sources of supply, but without customers, you are still nowhere. This manual can be used by the beginner just as much as it can by the already successful mail order dealer who wants to increase his business. Are you an old-time mail order dealer? Then I want to bet that you can't read this manual without getting at least one new profit maker idea for yourself. I don't claim to have every possible free-advertising idea in this fascinating new manual. But I do claim that you can use every one that is included. No 'pie-inthe-sky' stuff. Your mother can be proud of you for using this manual and getting your free advertising.


"Your Free Advertising Manual is what I have been waiting for. I can't imagine how a mail order dealer would want to live without it."    John Mahdi, Texas.

"I think yours is one of the best books on mail order advertising, if not the best on the market today. I'm sure it will help many dealers in their own mail order business. Your message is very clear on every page."    Veltisezar Bautista, Michigan.

"Your manual is very informative and expertly prepared."    Louis Hobson, Illinois.

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