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My name is Russ von Hoelscher (pronounced von whole-sure). For many years I have been providing simple, yet valuable information that people want, and gladly will send money to obtain. I've never discovered a better way to be richly rewarded for doing something that is enjoyable. Life is super now, but it wasn't always this good. Twenty-one years ago I was having a rough time with a job that was both physically and emotionally exhausting. I was a psychiatric therapist at a large state mental hospital. There were too many patients and too few doctors, nurses, and therapists. Working conditions were poor, and the pay was pathetic. Those of us who are of sound mind and body should thank God each day for this blessing.

Out of desperation I decided to start a part-time business. I chose mail order because it always fascinated me. I got started by selling gift and novelty items that I purchased from various U.S. manufacturers. Soon I expanded my new business by importing items from foreign countries (clocks from Germany, sunglasses from Korea, radios from Japan, etc.). My business increased and I was enjoying some success. However, I was becoming concerned with delayed shipments and some badly damaged shipments that arrived in unsalable condition.

I loved doing business by mail (the thrill of receiving money in my mail box form all over the nation --and the world -- is one I'll never tire of), but I needed easier control, "unbreakable products" to sell. Lucky for me, a friend suggested I write a book on importing-- the profits available, the pitfalls that must be avoided, and some of the supply sources. I decided to do it. Even though I had no previous writing and publishing experience, I figured I could help others by writing in plain English to describe my experiences and my contacts. How right I was!

A few weeks after placing some low-cost ads for my first book (actually, it was rather a small booklet), I began receiving checks, cash and money orders from all over the U.S. and Canada. I was hooked! Mail order information selling is the greatest home business!

Every day of the week, except Sunday, your mail box can be stuffed with money.


For 20 years I've been deeply involved in successfully marketing information by mail, with no end in sight! This business is expanding with unparalleled new growth, a nice percentage of which is pure profits. Now I'm anxious to help you start filling up your mail box with money, too. I've written a new, full-size book that will be your roadmap to riches. The title is HOW YOU CAN MAKE A FORTUNE SELLING INFORMATION BY MAIL, and the information in this unique book will show you, step by step, how to establish your own immensely profitable information-by-mail business. You can count on me to give you the inside information you must have if you want to succeed in this most desirable business.


You can trust me to give you all of the inside information-- the techniques and strategies you need to succeed. I will give you the intimate inside knowledge, and withhold nothing. While many believe the successful methods they learned from many years of trial and error must be closely guarded, I believe just the opposite. I learned a long time ago that the more I help others become successful, the more successful I become. HOW YOU CAN MAKE A FORTUNE SELLING IN FORMATION BY MAIL contains the best information you can own and use if you want to make high profits selling books or other information products (reports, manuals, newsletters, cassette tapes, etc.) by mail.


  • Where to find saleable information products that you can buy low and sell high.
  • How to research, write and self-publish your own books, manuals, reports, directories, newsletters, tapes, etc., even if you have no previous writing experience.
  • Why specialized information is your key to making up to $100,000 or more per year.
  • Secrets of profitable display advertising, what to say and how to say it..
  • How to write a result-getting dassified ad.
  • What you must learn about "benefit response copy."
  • An interview with Melvin Powers, famous author, publisher and owner of the Wilshire Book Company. His valuable advice on how he has been able to sell over 200,000,000 books -- most of them by mail.
  • What the legendary Joe Karbo told Russ about creativity and his "lazy man" approach to mail order riches.
  • Russ von Hoelscher's 24 master steps to a mail order/direct mall fortune.
All of this and much more, including a huge Source Directory that gives you the best prices on everything you'!! need, is included in HOW YOU CAN MAKE A FORTUNE SELLING INFORMATION BY MAIL.


"Russ, this book is spectacular. You cover just about every way to make money fast that I've ever seen. Every Beginning Wealth Builder can benefit from readingand using-- the many tips in your great book. Congratulations, Russ, on putting it all together!"
 -- Tyler Hicks, famous author and publisher

"Filled with valuable information. A remarkable book!"

                            --Dottie Walters, publisher and famous professional speaker

"Throw away most of the others! Russ von Hoelscher has written the definitive guidebook on selling books by mail."

-- Randolph Weber, Business Book Reviews

"How You Can Make A Fortune Selling Information By Mail is vital to any entrepreneur who wants to make big money by packaging information and selling it through ads or direct mailing.
Mr. Hoelscher, a leader in this field, gives you valuable inside information."

                -- FOCUS (the newsletter of Mail Order Marketing)


Examine this book for 30 days. If after that time you are not totally satisfied,  return it for a full credit. We're that sure you'll find more fruitful information than you ever thought possible in it.

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