You can get all the credit you want.
Increase your line of credit to $100,000 or more!


Increase your line of credit to $100,000... even more!


Now You Can Get All The Credit You Want... Fast and Easily!
Here's how...


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  At last... here's the book you've been waiting for... in an easy-to-read and useful format. Loaded with enormous benefits ... and delivering exactly what's promised and what you want!

  This much needed guide is the only one of its kind. Inside information for the consumer on how and where to obtain the right credit cards for your needs... unsecured on just your signature!

  Explosive and extensively researched key data found nowhere else is provided in this dynamic book. Choose from select credit card programs of the largest U.S. banks. Plus all major credit card companies. This is a truly exceptional introduction to hidden credit card opportunities.

  In this invaluable reference work you can discover:

  • No annual membership fee credit cards
  • Where to get the very lowest interest rate credit cards in the nation.
  • Issuers that offer 1% - 5% cash rebates on everything you purchase (on their card).
  • Airline frequent-flyer credit cards that earn you mileage for every dollar you spend.  Programs include benefits from first class upgrades to free trips.
  • Which banks and credit card companies offer corporate credit cards designed to provide additional company benefits -including valuable emergency medical, legal and travel extras.
  • Little known secrets that will help you get approved on every application you fill out.
  • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how you can obtain multiple bank credit cards -- up to twenty or more legally!
Plus, these powerful indices make it easy to find:
The lowest rate cards, ranked by interest rate for both regular & gold cards
The lowest rate No-Fee cards, ranked by interest rate for both regular & gold cards
Over twenty programs that offer extraIow introductory rates
Which banks offer cash rebates on purchases and how much

Unbeatable advantages of obtaining one or more unsecured credit lines include:
Realistic development of a large line of revolving credit
through multiple credit cards with a cash advance
feature totalling up to $100,000 or more
Powerful investment leverage and flexibility
The ability to take advantage of timely investment opportunities
Start, expand or buy a business
Saving hundreds... even thousands of dollars
annually in exorbitant interest rates
And much, much more

  How would you like to know before you apply to some bank for a major credit card just exactly what that specific bank or credit card company requires before they'll grant you the credit card you want? Well, now it's possible! Each of nearly 100 in-depth program analyses includes the following information:

  • Cardholder membership fee (if any)
  • Card issuers service area
  • Interest rate
  • Minimum income for approval
  • Credit line range

Plus -- even more information to help you select the right card!:

  • Toll-free telephone numbers, address, business hours
  • Extra no-cost benefits
  • Auto rental discounts and free travel insurance benefits
  • Emergency cash and/or tickets policy
  • Low cost life insurance offers
  • Extended warranties on purchases made with their credit card
  • Everything can be done entirely by mail. No long drawn out red tape or lines to stand in.
    Just a short application. These banks really want you to carry their cards!


We're so certain this dynamic book has the answers you need that we offer it with a no-holds barred guarantee of your complete satisfaction. Return the book in good condition anytime within thirty days of purchase for a full refund of the book price.

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