These part-time businesses can bring you closer to your dream of independence. They are ideal to start part-time and over time develop into full-time ventures. These businesses are especially suitable to be operated as a home-based business and they have small start-up investment requirements.

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  Take the initial step today to find out if one of these businesses is suited to your specific needs. You, too, can become one of the millions of Americans who have found extra income and independence through a parttime business.

  Each of the 16 part-time business reports covers pertinent information for making an initial decision for suitability and requirements or a specific business venture. The following important points are covered: Startup capital requirements, time to break-even, estimate of annual revenues and profit, pertinent operational and marketing information. All information is based on the latest government and industry research.

Each Part-Time Business
Start-Up Report, 5-10 pages, $5.00

1201   Apt/Sgl Family Preparation Service
1202   Auto Inspection (Mobile)
1203   Bridal Consultant
1204   Carpet Cleaning
1205   Computer Consultant
1206   Consulting
1207   Co-Op Mailing Service
1208   Gift Basket Service
1209   Import/Export Business
1210   Information Services
1211   Lawn Maintenance Service
1212   Mail Order
1213   Newsletter Publishing
1214   Painting (Residential)
1215   Vending (Coin Operated)
1216   Word Processing Service

The Distributors' prices for the above items: $3.00 each.

This important manual covers all the information you need to have on the major points of:  insurance coverage,   licenses and permits,  legal structure of the business,  mail delivery,  phone matters,  office equipment,  and more.
The Distributors' prices for this item: $4.50

Item# 1225    

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