Free Speech:

The right to decide about the state of one's own consciousness is a fundamental right of Man.

INNER FREEDOM   continued

Ceremonial Chemistry:
The Ritual Persecution of Drugs,
Addicts, and Pushers
by Thomas Szasz

Why does society treat drug users with long prison sentences and loss of constitutional and property rights? Why does the government intrude on the inalienable right of an otherwise free person to "tinker with his own consciousness"? Szasz traces the scapegoating of drug users back to medieval witchcraft trials, the cult of medicine, and religious sacrifice and selfcontrol.

One Nation Under God:
Triumph of the Native American Church
by Huston Smith (Ed.), Reuben Snake (Ed.),
Daniel K. Inouye

Church members speak from the heart about the NAC and peyote, their Sacrament. Describes their succesful legal battle to use peyote, the history of the Church, the peyote ceremony, and basic pharmacology of the cactus.

and the Future of Religion

by Robert Forte, Albert Hofmann, R. Gordon Wasson, Bro. David Steindl-Rast, Jack Kornfield, Terence McKenna, Ann and Alexander Shulgin, Robert Jesse, Dale Pendell,Thomas Riedlinger, Thomas Roberts, Rick Strassman, Eric Sterling

The spiritual benefit of entheogens (psychedelic substances). "The best single inquiry into the religious significance of chemically induced mystical states of consciousness that has yet appeared". -- Houston Smith

The Natural Mind:
An Investigation of Drugs
and the Higher Consciousness
by Andrew Weil, MD

The philosophy and psychology of drug-taking, straight versus high thinking, notes on psychedelics, marijuana, and other drugs.
A uniquely personal point of view.

White Rabbit:
A Psychedelic Reader
by John Miller and Randall Koral

White Rabbit examines the vast cache of world literature about drugs as written by drug users, about drug users, and about the drugs themselves.

The Chemistry
of Mind-Altering Drugs:

History, Pharmacology,
and Cultural Context
by Daniel M. Perrine

Serious work on chemical theory plus history, pharmacology, ethnography. Covers LSD, tryptamines, mescaline and other phenethylamines, opiates, depressants and antidepressants, stimulants, dissociatives, antipsychotics. Abundantly referenced.

An Anthology of True-Life
Psychedelic Adventures
by Charles Hayes (Editor)

The psychedelic state has been both demonized and mythologized, but what is it really like to trip? In TRIPPING, Charles Hayes has gathered fifty narratives about unforgettable psychedelic experiences from an international array of subjects representing all walks of life -- respectable Baby Boomers, aging hippies, young ravers, and accomplished writers such as John Perry Barlow, Anne Waldman, Tim Page, Robert Charles Wilson, and Paul Devereux.

Taking a balanced, objective approach, the book depicts a broad spectrum of altered states, from the sublime to the terrifying. Hayes' supplemental essays provide a synopsis of the history and culture of psychedelics and a discussion of the kinetics of tripping. Specially featured is an interview with the late Terence McKenna, perhaps the pre-eminent psychedelic spokesperson of our time.

Storming Heaven:
LSD And the American Dream

by Jay Stevens

The definitive account of the quest for chemically induced transcendence through LSD use in the US. From the bold and noble attempts by Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and Henry Luce to the ludicrously grotesque intended use of it by the CIA.

LSD Psychotherapy
by Stanislav Grof

A complete account of Dr. Grof's research on the use of LSD in psychotherapy. The contolled studies described herein reveal much about the nature of human consciousness, perception and reality. Also contains numerous color drawings made by research participants.

The Divine Cactus
by Edward F. Anderson

For many Native Americans, the ingestion of peyote brings about an ability to reach out of their physical lives, to communicate with the spirits, and to become whole. Answers to dozens of questions surrounding this remarkable and controversial cactus.

Thanatos To Eros:
35 Years Of Psychedelic Exploration
by Dr. Myron J. Stolaroff

Defines the guidelines for the proper and safe use of psychedelics for therapy and spiritual growth. Describes states of mystical consciousness such as being immersed in heavenly light, the acquisition of the ability to free oneself into supreme joy, being in the presence of God; also work on psychological problems and getting through difficult mental states. Remarkable work.

The Secret Chief
Conversations With a Pioneer
of the Underground Psychedelic
Therapy Movement

by Dr. Myron J. Stolaroff

Story of a pioneering therapist (now deceased) who used psychedelics in his practice until recent times (i.e., long after the prohibition against them was handed down). Group and ceremonial uses, therapy techniques, comparison of various compounds.

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