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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

 Where other "how-to-publish" books cover some or many of the bases, Jeffrey Lant's newest, step-by-step book is different. It is not vague.  It is not imprecise. It does not contain any impractical suggestions.  And it is definitely not full of fluff as are so many other books on the subject.

  Dr. Jeffrey Lant (yes he really is a degreed Ph.D) designed and wrote this book to be readable, understandable, workable and profitable to its readers. He says, "I've worked hard to create a book that will change the way this kind of information is rendered and to ensure that both those creating and using such information will profit from it."

  Over 50,000 books are published each year... and many times that many booklets and Special Reports. Thousands of audio cassettes are also produced. A large percentage of these products are of the "how-to" variety, that is, they purport to tell people howto do something, anything, from bringing up the perfect baby to losing ugly fat.

  Up until now, there have been two major problems with these products:
1) the people using them ordinarily couldn't achieve the results promised because the information given was too imprecise, and
2) the people creating them didn't know how to market their products for the utmost profit.
Now both these problems are solved thanks to this 10th dynamic book by internationally syndicated columnist and marketing consultant Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

  Here in one information-packed volume, people who are producing or who want to produce "how-to" books, booklets, audio cassettes and Special Reports get the precise details they need to create materials that really do deliver solid, easy-to-follow, ready-to-use guidelines... not just vague, infuriating verbiage. HOW TO MAKE A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN $1,000,000 WRITING, COMMISSIONING, PUBLISHING AND SELLING HOW-TO INFORMATION is the ultimate "how-to" book, so designed that by following its directions, authors will produce products that readers and listeners must benefit from... if only they follow the directions!

  What's more, HOW TO MAKE A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN $1,000,000... offers the exact marketing guidelines that product marketers need so that the superior products they create will be sold... fast... thereby making the creators rich. For the first time ever, this resource provides the step-by-step details all authors need who don't merely wish to create products... but profit from them, now and for years to come. Jeffrey provides a formula showing authors exactly what they must do to produce the right products and how to market them so they can draw income for years... even decades! This has never been done before!!!

  Lant, a recognized master of the "how-to" genre, pulls no punches in a book that's sure to become a classic both for the information it provides and the way that information is given. In this single volume, you will discover how to:

  • create information products that people want to buy
  • profit from them now-- and for years to come

  • produce your products fast and accurately

  • make tens of thousands of dollars with end-of-product catalogs

  • save money -- and avoid hassles -- by following Jeffrey's product

  • production guidelines

  • cut your personnel costs... get to more prospects faster and get more  buyers to spend more money... by using a personal computer

  • get other people to produce money-making info-products for you...  so you can make your million-dollar fortune even faster

  • get all the free publicity you'll want so you can sell your products  for the least cost... and most profit

  • master the essentials of direct response marketing... so you can
    bring your info-products right to the people who can buy them...  and get them to buy IMMEDIATELY!

  • make big money through talk programs, bookstores, libraries,  overseas rights, exhibits... and more. Dozens of alternatives are  fully presented so you can start making money right away from your products.

And, yes, a whole lot more!

Gigantic in size... 552 pages... 6x9 ppbk with attractive, colorful cover -- suitable for any bookshelf or desktop. Large, easily read typestyle. Well organized, leading you logically from topic to topic. Includes table of contents and introduction by Dr. Lant.
Plain language tells you like it is... what to do, how to do it. What not to do, how to avoid common pitfalls.

Harvard educated Ph.D.
Consulting firm president.
Authored nine previous informational, instructional books.
Writes the "Sure-Fire Business Success" column which
reaches over 1.5 million readers monthly.
A practician who has successfully and profitably accomplished
the techniques and topics he writes about.

It' s pretty simple, really.  Just send the book back if you don't want to keep it.  For any reason at all. And take a full month to decide if you want to. After all, it's a big book. You probably won't read it in one or two evenings. But don't wait too long-- profits are wasting away while you procrastinate!

It can get you started on the right foot in publishing. If can show you mistakes you are making now in your publishing and marketing efforts. It can show you how to create and market a "how-to" product efficiently, cheaply, quickly and profitably. It can MAKE YOU RICH!

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