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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

  Internet industry figures show that the number of people with access to the World Wide Web is doubling every five months!  Estimates of the number of current users range from a low of 20 million to upwards of 60 million people worldwide -- with tens of millions more projected to gain access in the next few years. Just how many will finally end up on the Internet?  No one can be sure.  But it's estimated that Intemet penetration of the U.S. market will be somewhere between 85-90%  (or about where television is today) within 15 years.  Others project that there will be five billion Web sites by the year 2015. Any way you slice it,  the Internet is the most important development in the history of human communications.  It offers all people with access the ability to:
  • transmit unlimited amounts of text at unbelievably low cost
  • connect with just the kinds of people they want to
  • open new markets without ever leaving their offices
  • dramatically lower the cost of their fax and long distance telephone calls
  • provide their prospects with everything these people need to know right
    now and make an immediate sale (or get a much more highly qualified prospect).
  • provide both audio and video programming to the entire world, and to make sales
    24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  Not surprisingly,  in a revolution of this magnitude,  where many of the communications assumptions and patterns from the past 100 years have been radically changed in so little time,  lots of individuals and businesses have failed to make a painless,  effortless transition to the World Wide Web.  In short,  they've made the wrong decisions about what to put in their Web site,  where to place it, how to promote it,  and how to get the utmost benefit from it. That's why this clear,  candid,  detailed and specific book is so needed right now. In 11 information-dense chapters,  you learn:

  • why every business will be on the Web.  Whether you're manning a home-based business,  service business or multi-national conglomerate,  you' re going to have to have your own Web site.
  • how to create a Web site that gets results. One of the biggest mistakes people are making on the Internet is to treat a Web site like a standard print ad. Here you'll learn the secret of netvertising, the way to create a Web site that generates maximum traffic and results.
  • how to promote your Web site within the Internet. One of the silliest and most self-defeating notions around is that all you have to do to profit from the Intemet is post a home page and then sit back waiting to count your money. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • how to promote your Web site off the Internet. In this fastmoving chapter you'll get one valuable idea after another about how to promote your Web site to the max for minimum expense; just what you'd expect from the author of The Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide!
  • how to build your business with fax-on-demand technology. Do people call your office and ask you to send your information to them? Do they ask you the same questions day after day? Of course they do! That's why you should be using fax-on-demand technology.

 In WEB WEALTH, you also get detailed information for specific business situations, including

  • your local service business. If you're running a local service business of any kind, here's the frst detailed information available on how you can profit from the Intemet.
  • your network marketing organization. You get the details you need to put the Web to work for you building the largest possible network marketing organization and the largest monthly commission checks.
  • your publication. Traditional print publishers have been badly beaten up in recent years thanks to dramatic increases in paper, production and postage prices. Here you find out how to use the Web to increase your bottom line and scoop your competitors!
  • have your own Mall. Smart entrepreneurs are developing their own Internet Mall properties right now, properties that will attract both targeted advertisers and prospects and become more and more valuable as the Web itself develops.
  • profit as a Worldprofit Dealer. Every business, every organization in every country is an Internet prospect. This detailed chapter shows you how to make lifetime residual income by referring potential advertisers to the Worldprofit Mall Complex.

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