E-Mail El Dorado

If you expect your business to make maximum profits and remain competitive in the Information Age, this is the one book you must use daily!

Everything you need to know to sell more of your products and services every day by e-mail!


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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

  This is a book about making money for your business, lots of money, day after day, using e-mail. This is not, however, a book showing you how to spam people, that is send them a torrent of unsolicited and annoying e-mail. No business person ever needs to send spam to make money.

  This unique book is designed to help you and your business mm e-mail into one your most profitable and productive tools; which will help you every day, making more money, making it faster, and serving both your prospects and customers with breathtaking efficiency unimaginable just a few years ago.

  When you effectively use e-mail, you're in a position to bring unlimited amounts of your client-centered marketing messages to the attention of prospects and buyers from Akron to Zanzibar all day, any day. Now, if you follow the guidelines of this book, all the world that's plugged in is available to you and what you are selling.

  This is a book for two kinds of people: people who don't yet have e-mail but who must get it and learn to use it FAST to remain competitive ...and those who, having e-mail, have not yet learned how to turn it into the maximum profit tool it can be for your business. People in both groups stand to make increasing profit as they learn and apply the detailed, step-by-step information in this extraordinary book.

  12 Chapters packed with Information to boost your Business--Now!
Here is what you will find in this book...


  • Chapter 1 details the sensible, profit-making reasons why you will use e-mail in your business... whatever business you are in. This chapter will change the way every business desiring profit does business.
  • Chapter 2 provides detailed information on how to build your e-mail lists... without spamming anyone. Smart companies are developing vital e-mail lists right now...
  • Chapter 3 takes up the question of how to store and use these data. For the first time, detailed information is given to the critical listserver tool, what it is, how it works, how you will turn it into the next "must have" profit tool.<
  • Chapter 4 deals with the development of your e-mail marketing campaign. After you read this chapter you will never, ever engage in listless, undirected e-mail.
  • In chapter 5 you will find out how to use the right words in the right order to motivate people at the receiving end of your marketing communications.
  • Chapter 6 is about how your website fits into the whole e-mail marketing scenario and how to turn that site into something compelling, motivating absolutely client centered and focused to increase your profit.
  • Chapter 7 deals with something entirely new: "Minute by Minute Marketing". Minute-by-Minute Marketing is about pacing for your client-centered messages. How many should there be, when should they be sent, what should they say?
  • In Chapter 8, you learn how to develop your client-centered e-mail newsletter and mm it into an effective marketing communication which can be sent often, even daily.
  • Chapter 9 presents important information specifically designed for people running service businesses of any kind. The focus is totally on what service businesses, often smaller, less automated, more resistant to technological innovation, can do to mm email into a consistent profit tool.
  • Chapter 10 takes up the matter of how to use e-mail to sell your product(s). Used conscientiously this chapter increases your product sales and provides you with a profitable structure for daily work.
  • Chapter 11 focuses on how to use e-mail to build more monthly income in network marketing. Network marketing is one of the most technologically backward industries around, relying as it does on expensive faxing, mailing, phone calls, meetings, and ineffective "warm marketing". Here for the first time you learn just how to turn e-mail and the Internet into the tools you need to grow your network marketing organization.
  • Chapter 12 summarizes the key points in the book and provides additional resources for readers who are given detailed instructions on how to implement what they have learned in this volume as fast as possible and for the largest possible gain.
  E-Mail El Dorado may be the most significant business book you ever use.

In the telling words of Dr. Jeffrey Lant: "The world is being divided into two camps, those with e-mail and those without. Those without will increasingly fall by the wayside, counting for less and less. They cannot reach and work with people in the sensible, profit making ways e-mail allows.

E-Mail El Dorado is the 14th Book by International Renowned marketer Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

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