Have you got the "gift of gab"?

A lot of people like to talk on the phone, some all day it seems. Every day I see people walking around on the street, just talking away. Many seem to live for it. Talking is like breathing. Maybe this is something you, too, do best.

But what if I told you you could actually win, and win big, while doing what you love: talking on the phone? If so, keep reading. If you like to converse on the phone, you just may be able to earn a living at it!

If you'll join us in our business you may get a slice of the good money that comes from Telephone Recovery. It would mean calling up local businesses, and informing them of the possibility that they may be owed money, money that they can recover.


Telephone Recovery is the business of helping companies of all sizes to get refunds from their local telephone companies for overcharges these phone companies make routinely. As hard as this may be to believe, the local phone companies have a notoriously poor system of oversight into the errors and other ways that incorrect charges occur in their accounts with businesses.

Errors crop up on all manner of items: it could be for equipment that used to be installed but was later taken out but charges for which were never taken out, or phantom services that either never existed but were charged, or were at one time dropped at the request of the business but the phone company kept right on charging!

Ironically or maybe not that ironically, the errors never seem to be in favor of the businesses. These overcharges can be recent or, and this is where it really gets interesting for the Telephone Recovery aspects, they can be from a LONG TIME AGO and still be occurring. In all cases, once the errors are identified and a correction ordered, the phone company must pay it back by law, even if they're from 15 or 20 years ago. And these refunds can be very substantial, in the realm of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.


And in every case, the Telephone Recovery company, in this case we here at TERMIS, keeps half and the afflicted party (the overcharged business) the other half. (HOWEVER, sometimes due to increased complexity or length of the telephone bills or other work involved, we farm out the work to an associated company. IN THESE CASES, we split the refund with the associated company and therefore receive 25%. When we farm out the work, this is for quite larger projects, with a far greater potential monetary return: the money involved is much larger, and so is our portion.)

But getting all these accounts (that is, finding companies that have the certain desired characteristics and getting them to sign up with us to research their local telephone bills to see if there's some money that can come back to them, and to us) takes time and work. We just can't do it all.


Since we don't have the time to call all of these companies, you can do so as our representative. And if you get the company to sign on the dotted line, and if there is an amount to be recovered, we will split the fee with you: you will earn 25% of the total recovery amount, and we get 25%, with the company still getting the remainder. (But remember, as mentioned two paragraphs above, sometimes we farm out the work; in this case, you would get 12.5%. But when this happens, it's usually for a far greater amount than average, so you would be receiving a smaller percentage but from a much larger amount. You earn more money this way.) Naturally we do all the hard work of researching the bills; you get the accounts.

This can really add up. Now not all the companies you contact are going to sign up, and not all the ones that do are going to get any money coming to them. But a good rate is between 2% and 5%. Yeah, that doesn't soung like much. But when you think that when you hit pay dirt you could be dealing with thousands of dollars, that's not exactly chicken feed, is it?


There's also another way, if you don't think that "cold calling" is exactly up your alley. You can mail these companies letters, or even postcards, detailing your pitch and then following up later either by another mailing piece or by phone. You can get good lists of companies from mailing list distributors or just by looking them up in your phone book. In all cases, either by phone or mail, it's important to try to reach the right person. It would have to be the decision maker within the company: it could be the Financial Manager, the Treasurer, the Controller, the VP for Finance, the CEO or the Owner.

We provide you with copies of all letters or other mailing pieces (after you register) and even a sample phone pitch script to help you out. We also give you tips on the best way to "sound", how to project yourself, etc.

Does this sound like a good deal to you?


Well, then all you have to do now is register with us. You can do so by filling out the form below. You'll then get the information that will help you to talk to these companies and be in a position of convincing them that it's in their best interests to sign up.

We do require a $15.00 lifetime fee for registering. (NOTE: Telephone Recovery Partnership Registration fee is NOT refundable.) This is to get you to think of this in terms of a business. You will tend to get more involved and be more "serious" if you feel a sense of obligation, of making a commitment. A fee will give you this, if only in part, and even if it is a relatively modest outlay.

After you fill out this form, you'll go to a page where there's a link at the bottom of the page that says "Click Here To Go To The TERMIS Telephone Recovery Registration Payment Page"; click on it and you'll be at the payment page so you can remit the $15.00 registration fee. As soon as we get it and process your registration, we'll contact you and send you the files containing the above described sample letters, scripts, tips, etc.

And by the way, if you don't have a credit card or a bank account, you can sign up by sending us a check or money order. Just click below or here: Order by Mail. BE SURE to include a correct and legible e-mail address or we won't be able to send you the files.

NOTE: This whole Telephone Recovery business is only for US businesses (as only US phone companies work this way), so it won't pay you to register if you live in another country unless you don't mind calling or writing to US-based companies.






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