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Become a Referral Agent and earn commissions on any Photo Restoration job ordered by a client you get for us. You can have an income source that will grow as you refer more clients. And your commissions will be yours forever, as long as those clients continue using our services.

You may find potential clients among your friends, associates, relatives, etc. There will always be someone who has old family photos that are in poor condition and who wants to have them restored so as to leave their children a legacy of their past, of their origin. When you mention our Photo Restoration service, and let them know of our excellent quality and reasonable prices, they will immediately want to avail themselves of this service and you will stand to gain a financial benefit.

When you find someone who is interested in our services, tell them to mention your name, and to be on the safe side, let us know by telephone or mail that you are sending someone to us; that way you will be assured of getting your corresponding and deserved commission.

Fill out the following form (and press the Submit button). We will assign you a Referral Agent number shortly but you'll already be enrolled and can start earning money immediately.


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YES! I want to begin earning money by referring clients to TERMIS.

I will be paid a commission equal to 15% of any orders made by a client I refer.

When I refer a second client, however, my commission will increase to 20%, and when I refer a third client, to 25%.

From this point on, I will be paid 25% of any and all orders placed by any clients I refer or have referred.

The more clients I refer, the more residual income I will have!

Enroll me today as a REFERRAL AGENT.

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