Digital Photo Restoration

We bring back old, damaged family photos to a taken yesterday condition, and provide digital image manipulation for the professional and advanced amateur photographer.


After Restoration or Retouching job, customer gets back:

  • his untouched original;
  • AND a digital version of the retouched image
       (archived in JPEG format at the highest quality [least compression] on a disk);
  • AND an 8"x10" enlargement of the retouched image
       (or 4  3.5"x5" prints or 2  5"x7" prints).
       These prints are of high resolution, with continuous tonal gradation, and accurate color or monotone hue. They are indistinguishable from a photographic print made by the usual route (i.e., with photo chemicals and light-sensitive paper).

    LONGEVITY -- Our digital prints are done on Epson Photo 1270 printers and meet or exceed archival standards for print permanence as put forth by the Wilhelm testing institute. A typical print from this printer will have a non-colorshifting stability (that is, before any shifting is noticeable by the unaided eye) of from 9 to 26 years, depending on the paper substrate. This does not mean that the print will no longer be "viewable" at this time; it only means that the image tone, color or contrast may start to change after this period of time.

    *** We offer a 10 year limited warranty *** against fading or color balance degradation of the retouched prints you get back from us. Should your retouched print start to fade, discolor or you notice a change in contrast, send it back to us for verification (also including the disk), within 10 years, and we will reprint it free. No one else gives you this peace of mind!

  • Here's what some of our
    customers have to say:

    "I received the pictures today at 10:30.
    What a wonderful job you folks have done with it. I am very pleased, and know my Aunts will be too.
    I will be taking one of them to work tonight to show to the person that is thinking about sending a picture to you as well."

          -- Karen Fesler, St. Cloud, FL   See her photos

    "This is top notch work. You not only preserved the detail but fixed the tonality of what I could only describe as a nightmare of a shot"

          -- Ben Weller, Oshkosh, WI

    HOW TO send your photo to us for restoration/retouching
    You can make good money with our Photo Restoration service.
    Find out how.

    (old or damaged photos)

    Magnitude of work to be done:*
    * Assuming your original is a photographic print up to 8"x10". For all others, add charges in table below.

    Some scratches, improve contrast

    Normal service for this level: 5 to 7 days after we receive your photo.
    Rush service for this level: less than 5 days: add 50%


    Moderate (Click to see sample)
    Scratches, spots, and/or repair minor tears or creases, improve contrast

    Normal service for this level: 7 to 10 days after we receive your photo.
    Rush service for this level: less than 7 days: add 50%
    Super Rush for this level: 3 days: add 100%


    Extensive (Click to see sample)
    More creases or tears, remove unwanted elements, change b.g.

    Normal service for this level: 10 to 14 days after we receive your photo.
    Rush service for this level: less than 10 days: add 50%
    Super Rush for this level: 3 days: add 100%


    Very Extensive (Click to see sample)
    Some missing areas, deep creases, and/or replace or move key elements

    Normal service for this level: 10 to 14 days after we receive your photo.
    Rush service for this level: less than 10 days: add 50%
    Super Rush for this level: 3 days: add 100%


    Extreme (Click to see sample)
    Originals have large areas missing, or large stains or fungus covering
    important image elements such as faces, hands, etc.

    Normal service for this level: 14 to 21 days after we receive your photo.
    Rush service for this level: less than 14 days: add 50%
    Super Rush for this level: 7 days: add 100%

    $ 90.00 to $ 130.00

    Payment by check or money order, or by credit card through , for both US and international customers.
    Prices do not include shipping.
    NOTE: If paying by , return shipments of orders must be to your Confirmed Shipping Address (that is, the address where you receive your credit card receipts).

    - Prices for prints in addition to the first, from retouched image
    (these prices are also for digital output from your own files):

    Standard (photo paper;
    glossy or matte):
    $12.00  for 1   8x10
    (or  2      5x7s,
    or  4     3.5x5s)
    $20.00  for 1   11x14
    $25.00  for 1   13x19
    Canvas (fabric): $15.00
    for same as above
    $25.00  for 1   11x14
    $30.00  for 1   13x19
    Ultra-Glossy* (polyester paper): $20.00
    for same
    $30.00  for 1   11x14
    $35.00  for 1   13x19
    Fine-Art Watercolor Papers: $20.00
    for same
    $30.00  for 1   11x14
    $35.00  for 1   13x19
    Panoramic (photo paper): $20.00   for 1  8x22 $35.00   for 1 up to  11x30
    $60.00   for 1 up to  13x44
    *(IlfochromeTR-type surface; delicate, needs careful handling)

    When your original is anything other
    than a print up to 8"x10":

    Original is a:

    Original is a:
    Negative or Slide
    add  $15.00
    add  $30.00
    over 16"x20"
    add  $40.00
    add  $10.00
    120 or 4"x5"
    add  $25.00
    add $100.00
    About sending unsolicited large files by e-mail:
    In a few words, DON'T DO IT. Sending huge files by e-mail slows down and virtually hijacks an e-mail program for the duration of the file's download from the mail server. It's not unusual for 15 to 20 minutes to elapse before the recipient knows what the file is, and meanwhile he can't use his e-mail! So please, limit the size of the files you send us for any reason (be it restoration estimates or for direct printing of your own images), to 100KB in JPEG format. If you want to send a larger one, please ask permission first. We have now adopted a program which detects the size of files coming in, and we have set it up to automatically delete from our server, before we even download it, any file larger than 250KB, so we won't even be able to see it.

    (for professional photographers who need special work done on prints, negatives or transparencies):

    Prices are determined after careful review of customers' originals and consideration of work requested.

    Jobs here include cosmetic retouching ("airbrushing") of blemishes or other defects on model shots or portraits, moving or removal of undesirable elements (telephone poles, wires, bad reflections, etc.), or in general, any modification imaginable from any film format.


    HOW TO send your photo to us for restoration/retouching:

      - 1) Read the chart above carefully to determine what level of restoration will be needed for your photo.
    If you can't figure it out, go to step 3).

      - 2) Unless you want to pay by credit card (for that, see below *), prepare payment for the amount indicated making sure of including enough for appropriate return shipping. (If you send us a photo that requires a different level of restoration than the one you determined, we will notify you before we do any work.) Personal checks and commercial money orders must clear our bank first (two weeks); US Postal money orders cut your wait time by more than half, and are thus preferred.
    Make payable to: TERMIS Publishing ASR.

      - 3) Notify us by e-mail before you ship.

      - 4) Pack your photo(s) carefully in stiff containers and send by insured mail or UPS or FedEx to the address at the bottom.
    PLEASE include all your personal information (including e-mail address) as well as any pertinent instructions for the restoration job.

    * You can now pay for your photo retouching/restoration by credit card: After you send us the photo or photos and we tell you the exact cost including return shipping, we'll give you the URL of a special page from which you can pay online by secure (Secure Sockets Layer) server. Non- Credit card payments incur an 9% surcharge.

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    You can make good money with our
    Photo Restoration service.
    Find out how.


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