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You can make money selling the items on this page and some others in the rest of this website: establish your OWN direct marketing home based business. It's a lot easier than you might think! See list of resellable items.
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NOW AVAILABLE - Distributors, Internet Resellers, Mail Order Dealers, Auction Sellers, Flea Marketers, Retailers, Home Party Sellers and Importers all need this CD! Buy direct and save. Never buy from a middle-man again.

Choose from products that sell like crazy and can bring you major profits. You'll find scores of suppliers who will ship directly to you or drop-ship right to your customer. Locate the primary sources for the "hottest" products and save big by avoiding the middleman. Whatever the product, whatever your area of the world, these manufacturers and distributors want to help you out. Discover a world of fantastic items that can make you rich! Buy for pennies, sell for dollars!

Included Are:

  • An Asian Source With Over 60,000 Products
  • U.S. Drop-Shippers
  • U.S. Wholesalers
  • Hong Kong Sources
  • Thailand Sources
  • Korean Sources
  • Taiwan Sources
  • Singapore Sources
  • Philippine Sources
  • Mexico Sources
  • CloseOut Sources
  • Liquidation Sources
  • Surplus Sources
  • Sources For Hard To Find Items
  • Seen On TV Product Sources
  • Wholesale & Manufacturer Search Engine Locations
  • Secrets Of Selling On-Line
  • And Much, Much More!
    Hundreds of pages and thousands of addresses, phone numbers, email and WebSite addresses. We have also scoured the Web for the latest International sources and contacts. Included are dozens of URLs listing hundreds of current on-line directories for products from almost every exporting country! Imagine if you were the first one to find and import the next HOT "hula-hoop" type product!! YOU COULD RETIRE IN A YEAR!!!!

    Find out were to buy items at extreme wholesales prices like the resellers on Ebay(tm) do. We supply direct Web links to the wholesalers used by top Ebay(tm) resellers. Another WebSite we show you has trade directories listed for over 60 countries!!! - On-Line directories that are kept current so you never have to puchase this information again!

    Many of the companies have a low $200 minimum order! SOME COMPANIES HAVE NO MINIMUM ORDER!! Many U.S. companies will drop-ship right to your customer's door. Asia is where many of the new, high-quality products are manufactured. Many Asian companies will source any item you want! Buy directly from the prime source!! This is a ground-floor opportunity!! This is your big opportunity to cash in!!! Don't let another day go by without taking action on this offer.

    These suppliers are just waiting to hear from you and they WANT TO HELP YOU make a ton of CASH!

    Here are just a few of the outrageously cheap products you'll find:

    Computer Sytems... Video Cards... CD-ROMs... CD-ROM Drives... Printers... Scanners... Hard Drives... Monitors... Games... Hobbies... Toys... Jewelry... Electonics... Automotive... Laser Pinters... Housewares... Laser Pointers... Watches... Clocks... Sporting Goods... Furniture... Gadgets... Office Supplies... Lamps... Equipment... Shoes... Clothing... Handcrafted Items... Health Products... Collectables... And Much, Much More! In fact, just about anything you can think of!

    Buy at wholesale and below! Earn 1000% and more on hot selling items! Discover the huge profits waiting for you when you buy direct from the wholesale source!

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